LED eye classroom light green lighting standards

by:Mylight     2021-02-10
As the global environment, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, for the domain, green has become the focus of attention. Many people have heard of the green, but what we know about the green? Now to look at it with together! Green - — Concept of green concept was first put forward by the epa in 1991, the implementation of 30 years, so far has made good social, economic and environmental benefits. The aim is to save energy and protect the environment and improve the quality of environment. First in our country is defined as 'green means through scientific design, with high efficiency, long life, safe and reliable products, improve people's work, study and life condition and quality, so as to create an efficient, comfortable, safe, economic, and beneficial environment and fully embodies the modern civilization. LED eye classroom 1, environmental protection lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, protecting the earth: the traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere. But do not use mercury lamps and lanterns of LED eye classroom, and LED the classroom lamps and lanterns that shield an eye also contains no lead, for the environment protection. 2, high efficiency conversion, to reduce fever: traditional lamps and lanterns can produce a large amount of heat, and the eye classroom LED lamps and lanterns is all the electric energy into light energy, not cause waste of energy. And in books, clothes also won't produce adverse effect, our classroom is the choice of lamps and lanterns! 3, quiet and comfortable, no noise, LED lamps and lanterns is does not produce noise, eye classroom is a good choice for a quiet places. Suitable for school classrooms, libraries, and such places. 4, the light is downy, eye protection: the traditional fluorescent lamp is using an alternating current, so can produce 100 - every second 120 times of stroboscopic. LED the classroom lamps and lanterns that shield an eye is to convert alternating current (ac) directly to direct current (dc), won't produce flashing phenomenon, protect your eyes. In the field of classroom, eye protection is one of the important and difficult. For the supplier, who can take the lead to master the technology, there is no doubt that is in the leading position in the field of the classroom. Now LED lamps and lanterns of the classroom has a new breakthrough in their eye, let's hope the classroom tomorrow! The above is the 'LED eye classroom light green standards? ' in detail, hope to help you!
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