LED explosion-proof lamp is introduced and the purchase

by:Mylight     2021-01-29
LED explosion-proof lamps and lanterns is one of the types of explosion-proof lamp, its principle and explosion-proof lamp is same, only the light source is LED light source, is to point to in order to prevent the fire and explosive dust explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment of the neighbourhood environment, such as gas and the lamps and lanterns of all kinds of specific measures. LED explosion-proof lamps and lanterns is one of the very important explosion-proof principle is to limit the shell surface in contact with the explosive gas, an explosive dust, temperature on the surface of the parts surface or electronic components, and limit the electrical contact surface temperature is lower than the minimum ignition temperature and ignition temperature. Because leds are solid cold light source, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low calorific value, small power consumption, low working voltage is a safe voltage, long life and other advantages, is so high power white LED explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, especially portable explosion-proof led lighting lamps and lanterns is a very ideal. LED explosion-proof lamps, belongs to a kind of special industry with electrical equipment, mainly to solve the problem, it includes the chimney of lamp shell, set up in the front lamp shell, set up on the inside of the lamp shell light and battery, the Settings to switch on the surface of the lamp shell, whose character is: the luminous body for high power LED modules, between the light and the battery has a wide input voltage driving circuit; Wide input voltage driving circuit includes constant current chips, the constant flow of chips and battery power supply module, LED module connected to the constant current chip, power supply module and the LED module glue sealing together; For ultrasonic welding between chimney and lamp shell. It USES LED the characteristics of low calorific value, realize the intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and LED light source long life; The battery in a full charge and discharge at the end of the LED constant brightness; Set the radiator on lamp shell, can realize effective heat dissipation of the LED module, to ensure the use of stability, suitable for coal mine, petroleum, railway, flood prevention, and other industries. Many will find when consumer is buying lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns price difference is very big, is not only different kinds of products, the same similar brand of products in different businesses have different price. In order to attract consumers, merchants will not launch preferential activities regularly, lead to clinch a deal valence of lamps and lanterns float is very large. Store sales staff said: now the lamps and lanterns profession is bad to do, the lamps and lanterns are the lowest agio to consumers are sold. Consumers will notify the reporter, although the business has been focused on is the lowest price, but totally depends on your end price bargaining ability, lamps and lanterns are profiteering commodities is not a high price. Itself of lamps and lanterns is a personalized goods and popular trend change fast, after working on a goods, manufacturer also is to sell to the style not sure, usually can't be mass produced. Backlog of dealers concern on the other hand, are less bulk cargo. In daily life, the use of LED lamp is not many, but if you need to use to buy quality and reliable, with after-sale protection, don't be too expensive, a price a points goods, cheap not only can not meet the requirements, and is not safe!
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