Intelligent lighting both opportunities and challenges

by:Mylight     2020-12-10
Now appeared on the market of lamps and lanterns of a lot of smart, but in terms of current technology, and it's hard to do with intelligent lamp intelligent, with the old saying said is seen, but have to say that smart prospect is very broad! Intelligent lamps and lanterns are on the market at present by the phone APP + multi-subject construction, remote control, high beginning to pretend bility attracted a large number of young consumers, after is frequently used by intelligent = abandon Jane on numerous criticism. In order to pass the APP control can present different colors of smart bulb, for example, many consumers when I come home every night, dark took out a mobile phone, unlocked, into the APP, turn on the light & hellip; … , I'm still on the way, why home lights to light up first, and so on such fun. Intelligence is another industry shortcomings, areas, cross-border business, and many other majors play, but presents the hard problem of software compatibility. Intelligent products because of its system technical high, relevance is stronger, compared to the traditional a greater chance of problems, there are even industry insiders say now, intelligent household products 90% above, cannot let the user directly buy home directly, the lack of after-sales maintenance is the norm. But see disadvantages, also can explain a problem, is the market is big, smart who first developed at this time to use intelligent products, who can quickly occupy the market, so both opportunities and challenges!
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