Instructions on the use of the radar sensor LED bulb light and matters needing attention

by:Mylight     2020-12-02
With the development of The Times, people energy saving consciousness is more and more intense, as some public places, such as stairs, or small parking lot, garage, and channel and so on each kind of environment, not every time people busy, in order to save electricity, we can install the radar sensor LED bulb light. Someone or cars activity in the area of the sensor, will trigger switch, achieve the function of the light. Then the radar sensor LED bulb light exactly what features? As a specific to find out together! 1 a: the main function and characteristics. Alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps ideal light source; 2. Using thermal separation, high quality LED ROHS certification testing; 3. High thermal conductivity aluminum, heat dissipation structure of patents, temperature 60 ℃ or less; 4. Integration of lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, light source, a more effective play to the characteristics of the appearance of the LED lamps and lanterns and light source; 5. Alternatives to traditional incandescent lamp, energy saving up to 80%. Instead of energy-saving lamps, power saving up to 40%. 6. Green product, do not contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals and harmful gas; 7. Driven by dc, no stroboscopic, effective protection of eyesight; 8. No ultraviolet (uv) radiation and electromagnetic radiation, to the human body more security; 9. The service life is long; Long life: 50000 hours. 2: note 1. Lamp working voltage is AC220v, please make sure that when connected to the power supply voltage in this range. Connection will lead to a higher voltage than that lamp permanent damage. 2. After connecting the power supply, it is forbidden for any link at the bottom of the metal and bulb, in order to avoid electric shock; 3. After packing or before use, please check whether light damage due to transportation. If yes, please stop and inform the supplier, this product can only be used under the condition of the intact; 5. To ensure that the product is safe and normal use, please strictly in accordance with the manual interpretation and the matters needing attention, any illegal operating losses caused by the supplier shall not be responsible; 6. Before installation, please make sure that the installation of the local environment to support the product, suggest install where stable, in case of vibration, shaking; Because the surface temperature of the lamp can be up to 50 ℃, suggest around the lamp don't have any equipment is sensitive to heat, in order to ensure proper operating temperature, please keep the product away from heat source and in mild conditions using this product. Above is the LED manufacturer for instructions on the use of the radar sensor LED bulb light and matters needing attention in detail, hope to help you, if you still don't understand, can dial the hotline detailed consultation!
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