How to reduce students myopia rate LED eye classroom light

by:Mylight     2021-02-12
Professional schools in recent years, lots of lamps and lanterns. Professional classroom light according to different purposes, the classroom into professional and professional classroom blackboard lamp, the lamp that shield an eye to its quality and performance than traditional classroom lamps have a great promotion and change, many indicators are more than the national new standard. School classrooms must use professional classroom lamp, can decrease the rate of students myopia. Therefore, the primary and middle school students in the classroom environment should be close to nature, to absorb the natural light as much as possible. Under the condition of natural light is impossible, artificial light should be aligning with natural light! The production of classroom is the key of the lamps and lanterns that shield an eye is what kind of technical indicators? 1, see color, the color is under the light source, light, color display; The color of the display, with natural light, or the standard under the light of the color of the display the closer, the good color rendering and vice versa. Color rendering index, which is used to represent the performance of color rendering. According to the international committee recommended (now China's national standard adopt) , color rendering index up to 100, namely, under the light irradiation, All kinds of) Color shows, with natural light, or the standard under the light of the color of the display completely, the smaller the gap, the greater the value. 2, see the stroboscopic stroboscopic refers to the light intensity, light and shade of cyclical changes over time. The lamp that shield an eye if there is a stroboscopic, the pupil will sometimes expansion, contraction, use this lamp for a long time can cause eye acid bilges, fatigue, can affect vision. We usually light, and most of all is the use of 50 hz alternating current (ac), stroboscopic, observed the human eye can only 30 hz frequency flash every second. Therefore, strictly speaking, the lamp that shield an eye actually not as some advertisements say 'no flash frequency,' flash frequency is higher, but we don't can distinguish the naked eye, belong to an awareness of stroboscopic, can be regarded as no stroboscopic, but this does not mean not splash screen. The classroom should be using stroboscopic light imperceptibly to the naked eye, the stable quality of LED light source. 3, see a glare because LED is a solid light source, the eye will look feel dazzling, it is actually a glare. Bright light glare, refers to the source through various channels into our eyes, cause a dizzy for our eyes, can't see, the feeling of dazzling. The lamp that shield an eye to the light should be uniform, soft, the brightness is appropriate, light area is moderate, uniform illumination. In accordance with the relevant requirements, put the lamp that shield an eye at the center of the distance from the desktop height of 40 cm, down the center of the light source, the observer from the light source geometry center horizontal distance of 60 cm, the eyes cannot see the glowing light source directly, also can't see the chimney internal reflection of light sources to avoid glare. 4, see illuminance, watching area insufficient light or light is too strong, or uneven distribution of light light flickered, eyes area is glare or reflections; Goal is too small or unstable, etc, can cause eye overworked, lead to fatigue of students for a long time under the low intensity of illumination, uneven illumination environment learn, easy to cause visual fatigue, visual fatigue will lead to people's myopia deepen, diplopia, read easy serial, unable to concentrate, etc. , affect the learning efficiency. 5, the color temperature most classrooms are generally high colour temperature fluorescent tube ( 6500k) , due to the color of the light is too white, easy to cause the students excited, easy to cause fatigue. The classroom the lamp that shield an eye color temperature 5000 k, the light is downy eye. The above is the 'LED eye classroom light how to reduce the students myopia rate' in detail, hope to help you!
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