How to judge whether the LED lamps and lanterns of qualified

by:Mylight     2021-01-03
How to in a wide variety of choose and buy your satisfactory products? Then how to judge whether the lamps and lanterns of qualified? Now as to find out together! Led the brightness of the measured by luminous intensity, luminous intensity is normal, ) refers to the axis of cylindrical light tubes Direction on the luminous intensity, that is, the luminous flux emitted per unit solid Angle, unit for the candle. As a result of the general led luminous intensity is small, so the luminous intensity common milli candela ( ' As a unit. In general, the light source will emit the light flux in different directions with different strength, in a specific direction unit solid Angle the visible radiation intensity is called out by the light intensity, hereinafter referred to as the axial intensity. Expected the led life of 50000 hours MTBF ( Traditional MTBF, lamps and lanterns manufacturers use the measuring standard of life) 。 But, like all basic led lighting, led the luminous flux of lumen attenuation with time. So, although led can be a very long time, considering the service life of MTBF is not sure. Led lumen attenuation by many environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and ventilation effect. Lumen attenuation is under control, thermal management, current levels, and many other electrical design considerations. The led light Angle can be divided into effective Angle and the actual light Angle. Half of luminous intensity value of the axial intensity value direction and optical axis to ( The normal) An Angle of effective point of view. The view of half value Angle of 2 times, Or a power Angle) Is the actual light Angle. Outside the axial intensity half Angle because the light is too weak not included in the perspective of effective in practical application. Led light than traditional light weight, so you should check whether the lamps and lanterns of existing can support the weight of the led lights. Longer and because these lights, so you may now use the lampshade covered them. However, keep in mind that the led can't completely closed in the lamps and lanterns, because heat will shorten the service life of the lamp. If you want to use in the outdoor led lights, lamp to weather or to withstand humid outdoor conditions. Above is the 'qualified' of how to determine whether the LED lamps and lanterns of detailed introduction, hope to help you!
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