How to install the classroom that shield an eye lamp is more conducive to classroom environment renovation

by:Mylight     2021-01-02
Now in students' learning tasks, with eyes, if not ready, the classroom is easy to cause students myopia. President xi jinping attaches great importance to the student's eyesight, request to modify the classroom. In the classroom reform, choose lamps and lanterns is important, but the installation of the classroom that shield an eye also is very cultured, below small make up for everyone to explain how to install the classroom lamp that shield an eye is more conducive to the classroom' target='_blank'>led lighting design! 1. Ensure that LED the classroom that shield an eye light and all the accessories are complete, will not appear damage, deformation and other defects, if the lamps and lanterns is now exists the phenomenon of damage, it cannot be used for installation. 2. LED eye classroom light installations are embedded, and hanging type suction a top three, before installation, we should choose according to environment and space for installation, choose the wrong installation may also affect the effect. 3. Sure good after installation, prepare the corresponding tools. 4. Install lamps and lanterns of metope is fixed on the ceiling of the bearing capacity of should match with the weight of the lamps and lanterns. 5. When installation, shall ensure that lamps and lanterns is away from flammable items, to ensure that at least 2 m intervals, and note from low voltage and high voltage line. 6. Ensure the lamps and lanterns has enough length of power cord, will not under tension or tangential force. When installation should pay attention to distinguish between wires, cannot let other confused and other lamps and lanterns, cannot let the attachment, the phenomenon of the knot. 7. In order to keep the electric cable fixed strong, can use wire clips to fasten on the back line. In order to ensure that the classroom that shield an eye lamp installation is firm, improve the efficiency of installation, we should according to the above steps correctly installed eye the classroom light, after the installation, should pay attention to the input end of lamps and lanterns and switch to low voltage plug of lamps and lanterns and low voltage switch power supply plug in. The above is the 'how to install the classroom lamp that shield an eye is more conducive to the classroom environment transformation' in detail, hope to help you!
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