How to do a good job in the classroom lighting design school

by:Mylight     2020-12-24
Students are most of the time in the classroom, the classroom if not ready, will be on the efficiency of students' learning and decisive impact vision, preaching if indoor light is insufficient, can let students instinctively close to the books, so for a long time, can easily lead to myopia, so, how to do for the school classroom design? Now as to find out together! 1, the standard classroom design principles need to be aware of when to design the classroom is to visually healthy and comfortable for most major consideration, but also notice whether can very good to improve the learning efficiency, to alleviate visual fatigue is big or small, we also in choosing a classroom program is an important issue of concern. 2, the classroom lights installed at the time of installation in general use derrick installation, also do it according to the vertical orientation to the classroom layout, power density control in the classroom to can't higher than 11 w / ㎡, if conditions are good, will be less than 9 w / ㎡, and the vertical distance is also a requirement of desk lamps and lanterns of distance, can not less than 1700 mm. 3, the blackboard lamp installation of the line of sight of students in class are basically look at the blackboard, so it's very important to the effect of the blackboard lamp, adopt the derrick installation will be more appropriate, the other is the most reasonable direction of the installation of lamps and lanterns is parallel to the blackboard. The blackboard in the classroom light parallel spacing must keep in d = 700 mm 1000 mm, and the horizontal distance and the board need to make sure that the h = 100 - mm Within the range of 200 mm, need to get the Angle control and adjustment, in this way can avoid the blackboard lights have direct glare on teachers. These are we in the design of the classroom need to pay special attention to the key part. So, want to do the design of the campus planning for the school, so might as well can refer to these points, so as to design a better solution. Above is the 'school how to do a good job in the classroom' in detail, hope to help you!
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