How to create a good classroom lighting light environment

by:Mylight     2020-12-30
Teenagers are the flowers of the motherland, is the future of the nation. In order to make more secure, more teenagers grow up healthily, we need in the process of the growth of the teenagers as they create a good living environment, society, schools and families to the joint efforts of the three aspects of the physical and mental health of teenagers to provide the most professional security. In recent years, juvenile myopia rate increased year by year, has become a 'nightmare' in the process of their growth. How to solve the problem of myopia, become the key and difficult point for the need to pay attention to. Myopia causes there are a lot of studies have shown that: the classroom light environment is not standard, will seriously affect the adolescents' healthy vision. For a long time in light conditions substandard learning classroom environment, will cause the diseases of the visual physiology. The role of the classroom light environment basically can be divided into two aspects, psychological and physical: 1. Psychological aspects: comfortable environment can make teenagers have good psychological feeling, to stimulate their learning enthusiasm, enhance the working efficiency. 2. Physiological aspects: comfortable environment can avoid the diseases of the visual organ, prevent visual disease; Can avoid the light pollution, maintain eyesight and health of teenagers. So, teenagers, speaking, reading and writing and learning should be in good daylighting, adequate environment, they about nearly 8 - every day 10 hours of time is spent in the school classroom! In the light of the classroom environment, let teenagers enjoy eye, healthy and high quality light environment of the classroom! The color temperature in education, glare, blue light, intensity of illumination problems such as strict control, avoid bad led lighting vision health for adolescents, effectively prevent myopia! Wisdom is committed to build school classroom lamps and lanterns, designed specifically for led lamps and lanterns of education - — Led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom successful energy-saving certification and CCC certification, high quality light environment certification and other countries requirements, and have six big advantage: ( 1) Desks of the average illuminance value 340 lx, its intensity of illumination evenness 0. 7 ( 2) The blackboard the average illuminance value 500 lx, its intensity of illumination evenness 0. 8 ( 3) The lamp power density & lt; 6W/㎡( The target should be & lt; 9W/㎡) ( 4) Color rendering index Ra> 95, vivid, visual clearer ( 5) Color temperature 5000 k, the light is more comfortable and soft, 6) Glare index & lt; More than 16, not dazzling, do not hurt the eye is the 'how to create a good classroom light environment' in detail, hope to help you!
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