How to correctly use the LED fluorescent lamp, in order to avoid hazardous?

by:Mylight     2020-12-31
LED fluorescent lamp, we also call it straight torch, in terms of energy saving and environmental protection is superior to the traditional lamp, luminous principle is to use the LED light-emitting semiconductor chip. Of course, the LED fluorescent lamp used in our daily life is also very common, but also has some potential problems in use, therefore it is important to use safety. Next, let's take a look at how to correctly use the LED fluorescent lamp? Our lamps and lanterns is often used in our daily life, the use of LED fluorescent lamp also is very common, if you use in the abnormal situation, should stop to use, and to cut off the power supply, then check that the maintenance, must not continue to use, thank you for your cooperation. LED fluorescent lamp is installed for normal use, but we still can't slack off, should be checked regularly for safety, lest produce abnormal situation. When using the LED fluorescent lamp, it is important to note that under the proper voltage and power use, if the lamps and lanterns to ground, be sure to check the status of line and grounding and often prevent leakage. When using the LED fluorescent lamp, such as paper or cloth items can not be kept where it is close to the lamps and lanterns or cover lamps and lanterns, so bad for heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns, and because of high temperatures could be dangerous. After long time use of lamps and lanterns, can have the dust attached on the top of the lamps and lanterns, LED fluorescent lamp also is so, then how to clean it? Should wipe the lamps and lanterns with warm water, don't be swabbed with gasoline, and some unknown chemicals. If your home has LED fluorescent lamp, it is important to use it correctly, must pay attention, avoid to cause unnecessary trouble, and even dangerous.
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