How to choose the suitable lamps and lanterns of lighting design hospital

by:Mylight     2021-01-14
The hospital design how to do? What kind of lamps and lanterns should choose? Hospitals should not only meet the purpose of, and also to achieve energy saving effect, so how to design? Here are the lamps and lanterns to share with you how should choose? Office area should be positive with the possible conditions, the use of natural light, and to save power. Under permission, as far as possible during the day is given priority to with natural led lighting, aided by some artificial when natural lighting is not enough. Also can take some measures to increase daylighting, such as increase in office area door area, adopting good pervious to light glass Windows. At design time, to near a window, daylighting is good location can increase some control switch, according to the strength of the natural light to adjust human, large energy savings. To be sure, the current public areas of the hospital USES the LED flat light, using LED lamp bead as light source, through the entire light flux of light guide plate evenly dispersed in the shiny surface, the whole lamp is fully sealed structure design, the dust is not easy to enter, outer surface smooth easy to clean, high brightness, uniform, the light is downy, no stroboscopic, low noise characteristics. Besides good color rendering, color rendering index is 100, the sun of the LED light source color rendering index can reach more than 80, high color rendering of light source on the performance of the color is good, can see color close to natural color. LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns in the design of a modern hospital has been widely promotion and use. Reasonable selection, and improve the efficiency of the light source is the primary factor of energy saving, and the energy-saving light source is not depend on the luminous efficiency. A priority for the energy-saving light source choice when high photosynthetic efficiency, long service life, good color rendering efficient light source, per use 1 w power, efficient light source can emit higher than ordinary light flux. Widespread use of fluorescent lamps, as well as promoting LED bulbs not only high photosynthetic efficiency, long service life, can greatly save energy, improve efficiency.
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