How to choose the right office lighting lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2020-12-28
Company is profitable, staff office efficiency directly affects the interests of the company, and there are many factors that can affect employee, including office yes led lighting is a very key factor, it not only need to provide the most basic, and eyes of office staff also play a protective role, so how do we choose the most suitable for the lamps and lanterns of office? The following is by the engineer about it for you. A, due to the influence of the weather or other factors, even in the daytime office also need to use the lamps and lanterns, so should choose downy lamplight, as far as possible to prevent let a person feel dazzling or fatigue, so as to build a comfortable environment for the user. 2, ensure that the work in the office space light even, and reduce glare. Three, office of public area lamps and lanterns, the degree to meet the requirements of office corridor, corridor, flexible control, convenient to reach a purpose of energy-saving work overtime at night. In view of the above conditions, the engineer recommend LED panel lamp or LED aluminum-plastic tubes for you. LED lights in use bright light-emitting uniform, soft not dazzling, and energy saving, high brightness, no radiation, no stroboscopic, green environmental protection characteristics, very suitable for application in the office environment. Because leds have many advantages, so use is becoming more and more widely, but also can appear not in use the phenomenon of light, what reason is this? First, in the process of transportation may cause the hit and cause damage. Second, the welding points of lamps and lanterns is virtual welding phenomenon, during transport may be shaken and led to the loss caused by the onset of the solder joint damage. Third, solder joints prone to fall off. Fourth, prone to brittle fracture, fall off phenomenon, may also excessive bending Angle during installation, and lead to solder joint and separation of copper foil and cause is not bright. Fifth, when installing lamp is not distorted, or it will lead to solder joint fall off and cause is not bright. So we office lights when the choose and buy must choose a good LED manufacturer, to pay attention to the points: one, to see the qualification certification of manufacturer, whether to trust. Second, look at the factory sales of a year, and after sales service. Three, depends on manufacturers to use what mode of transportation, best can be their distribution.
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