How to choose the classroom according to different environment light

by:Mylight     2021-01-01
As more and more students course, we need to study in different environments and class. To reduce myopia rate of the students, to consider when decorate function and colour collocation, then according to the different space, the function and select different lamps and lanterns of the classroom environment. How to choose according to different environment of different lamps and lanterns? A, lamps and lanterns installation height on effect has a certain influence. The lamps and lanterns is highly increased, decreased illumination, installation height is reduced, glare, reduce uniformity. Second, LED the lamp that shield an eye classroom control switch in turn in the direction shown by the parallel outside window Settings ( The blackboard switch installed separately) 。 A projection screen, projection screen near the switch should be able to independent setting, should shut down part of the corridor lights in class. Third, classroom desks generally oriented blackboard regularly arranged, with the method of uniform distribution on the ceiling lights. Four, on the table in the optical lab, biological laboratory of the microscope table, geography classroom experiment platform has simple astronomical instruments or need to carefully observe and record. Should provide the local. Select the appropriate light source, the brightness and the impact of 'light pollution' is different. Soft incandescent lamp, mirror incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp have less effect on the 'light pollution', so the light source can be applied to more decorative indoor. In the local, shading sex good desk lamp should be adopted to stop this kind of light source contains more infrared radiation. In general, as the myopia rate increasing, in room to install the LED the lamp that shield an eye, should according to different environment of the classroom and use, according to the above several choose different and installation. In order to ensure that the classroom light installation is firm, improve the efficiency of installation, need to be properly installed.
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