How to choose and buy the LED tube light, LED tube light points of choose and buy

by:Mylight     2020-12-27
Simple said the LED tube light is actually family with lamps and lanterns (in everyday life Bedroom, sitting room, balcony, etc. ) , but the light is no longer the traditional energy-saving light bulbs, but use LED light source, LED downlight, choice is no longer like the traditional energy-saving lamps ( Incandescent lamp) So simple, so the factor is also different, so, how should we choose and buy the LED downlight? LED tube light point 1: the choose and buy radiator. Cooling speed determines the LED tube light, the light failure degree and the length of life, the radiator is too small can make the heat accumulation within the light source, and the lamp bead work long time under high temperature condition, the light failure quickly, the service life is very short, so when choosing the LED tube light, suggest you had better choose made of aluminum shell, because of the aluminum heat dissipation coefficient is higher, heat dissipation is more fast, can ensure the normal order of the LED tube light. LED tube light points of choose and buy 2: drive power supply. Drive power supply is also called the transformer, the life of the transformer quality also determines the whole lamp, lamp bead used 50000 hours no problem, but the transformer, if broken, can't afford the whole lamp also to shine. Transformer used in the design of electronic components, determines the efficiency of transformer, power factor, stability, temperature rise, the service life, so when buying LED tube light, it is recommended that you'd better choose wide voltage driver, it can guarantee the stability of output current voltage, ensuring that the LED tube light in the security and stability in the process of use. LED tube light points of choose and buy 3: light bead quality. Buy LED tube light in addition to the need to consider the material and driving power, emphasis must also consider its quality lamp bead, light bead quality decided to light, the effect of encapsulation process affects the quality of lamp bead, heat dissipation and other key factors. Sales of LED lamp bead chips on the market at present domestic and imported, generally different brand, price difference is bigger, the effect difference, also suggest that you care enough to buy. Ps: recently asked canister light to shoot the light of the difference. A: usually, tube lamp is used for general use, it can be required to provide the ambient light. Canister light mean down lamp light. Shoot the light is to provide local use, it is required to provide local scope, used for close-up, increase the light out an object or objects ( Common stores, clothing stores, mobile phone shops, etc. ) 。 Now many when the family is decorated, commonly used sitting room of small size tube light, usually used to wash the wall lamp, increase the luminosity of sitting room wall, hallway or corridor balcony, etc. , with a tube light is normal.
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