How to choose a school quality LED dedicated classroom light

by:Mylight     2020-12-24
School lamp is very important to the health of students, relates to the healthy growth of teenagers, learning cannot careless when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, otherwise it is irresponsible behavior, so the school relevant departments when choosing lamps and lanterns of the classroom how to identify? Face there are many different kinds of LED lights, the school classroom with LED lights use had better not covet is cheap, lamps and lanterns products built the corresponding safety instructions, describing labeled content related to the product of the specific product installation, use and maintenance of the relevant safety information, lamps and lanterns lines working frequency, the junction temperature of the component, not suitable for installation in the description of the lamps and lanterns of combustible surface, specific types of wire and connection methods, how to change, lamps and lanterns is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, lamps and lanterns can carry wind, whether the location of the installation shall not touch. Provide corresponding nameplate source of lamps and lanterns, electrical parameters, using the environment, prevent to get an electric shock level, IP rating, types, and the light source power, whether the special type illuminant, replace the confinement, minimum distance and using environment, adjusting method. Users at the time of installation, be careful check installation, outdoor lights string of high pressure sealing end of parts do you have any packing, fixed, the power cord and the lamp holder is connected. In addition, the country is related to the LED lamp this certification, such as national energy conservation certification, place of guangdong province product certification, benchmarking learning when the choose and buy if for the LED lamps and lanterns did not know can see him some professional certification, if there are more than just a layer of protection.
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