How to choose a school classroom lighting company

by:Mylight     2020-12-29
In 'action' to protect the call for teenage children eyesight health, many primary and secondary schools began to control the national standard check list self-checking self-calibration classroom situation, the result will be the school the classroom reform in primary and secondary schools eye project, local financial budget. So the school classroom reform starts from where? To tell you. Don't worry, small make up to tell you, the school classroom reform start looking for a professional company. Engineering school looks be like simple, actually industry particularly high requirements. Especially for upgrading the existing facilities equipment, do well get twice the result with half the effort, to do well the wasted effort, and may cause light pollution, damage the health of teachers and students in the university. The company reliable? There is no doubt that is a good choice! As an industry leader, for the school classroom reform is very professional, advanced design concepts, the design scheme is thorough. Not only focus on the health of the classroom, more comprehensive consideration of multimedia classrooms, laboratories, the school hall, campus road, sports venues, the characteristics of the students' dormitory, and many other campus environment, carry on the omni-directional upgrade for the school. Also adhere to the product selection of high quality, healthy, reliable, low carbon environmental protection, energy saving, light, no stroboscopic, anti right, no mercury pollution, such as doing everything for adolescent health consideration. 1, the network spread all over, the domestic sales network throughout more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, has successively established 48 offices, more than 3800 distribution network, more than 200 professional after-sales service. 2, authoritative attestation: products with national compulsory CCC certification, CQC energy-saving product certification, CE, CB certification, ISO9001; 2008 certification, ISO14001:2004 certification, access to China's energy-saving product certification, etc. 3, full coverage: whole series of products covered by the education products, from the interior of the classroom, office, classroom, library, gym to outdoor stadium road, all can meet the needs of the school. 4, keep improving, in order to develop real eye LED lamps and lanterns of the classroom, all of them, and stood in the Angle of human factors engineering, starting from the vision of health and human comfort requirements, research and development of healthy, comfortable, environmental protection, energy saving products of the classroom. 5, into details: the modernization of production equipment, fully automated production line movement, is greatly reduce artificial factors resulting in failure of products, high product quality consistency. 6, robust nature: has 18 years experience of equipment production, is a professional engaged in energy-saving eyecare r&d, design, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. School classroom case involving national, such as: yuelu experimental middle school of changsha, changsha bo to sunshine experiment elementary school, zhuzhou experiment elementary school health school, nanjing, guangzhou panyu star mountain middle school, guangzhou yao elementary school, the second middle school in guangzhou, south China university of science and technology, Beijing charity school, Beijing changping a medium. Above is the 'how to choose a school classroom renovation company' in detail, hope to help you!
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