How to choose a high quality LED flat light

by:Mylight     2020-12-26
Flat light source can be evenly distributed in the back of the diffuser plate, directly downwards as back light LED flat light more advantages: the first is due to the LED flat light light passes through direct illuminate diffuser, which greatly improves the system efficiency of lamps and lanterns; The second is the back light LED flat light out the guide plate, so the lighter; The third is omitted the lamps and lanterns of light guide plate at a lower cost, and internal have larger space, design is also more flexible; The fourth is the required components less, higher reliability, better quality. But because of the need to guarantee the effect of lamps and lanterns, back light LED flat light, LED light source and the diffuser plate should have a certain spacing between prevent visually see light point, so you can't make it too thin, so these two LED flat light each have advantages and disadvantages, the designer or the user can choose according to their own needs to properly. How to choose LED flat light manufacturer? Now LED flat light has great superiority in the market, more and more businesses or mass consumption LED flat light of energy saving and convenient, but in the face of fierce market competition, for customers to choose a good quality LED flat light manufacturer is very important. First, the product has passed the relevant certification: when choosing LED flat light manufacturer depends on whether it is related to certification, then look at the product materials do manual work is delicate, and products through the national quality system certification standards. Second, factory production scale: before you decide to buy must be related to the LED flat light manufacturer in related field, factory production and manufacturing ability, whether can sign the contract, have the manufacturer of power delivery will not drag, have a guaranteed contract shipping date. Third, after-sales service: select a failure problem if LED flat-panel lamp manufacturers will be able to fulfill the responsibility of the return, but the fact is because manufacturers causes of return, should be door-to-door pick-up service by the manufacturer.
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