How to choose a good LED lights

by:Mylight     2020-12-28
LED street light compared with the traditional street lamps, improved a lot, but if you choose not to, also have a lot of problems, which affect the quality of LED street lamp's important is the LED lamp holder. So when we in the choice of how to choose? With small make up to look at it right now! Purchasing lamps is not necessarily a knowledgeable person, knowledgeable people know that the led lamp holder used in street lamp play a key role in the process, the led street lamp holder is made of aluminum alloy die-casting forming, can effective heat dissipation and waterproof, dustproof. Ultraviolet corrosion resistant treatment was conducted on the surface of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns of overall reach IP65 standards; 。 One, three measuring factors influencing LED street lamp holder: 1, the color temperature. Color temperature can be divided into warm and cool colors, color temperature of LED lamp also is divided into the two. Street lamp installed in outdoor, low color temperature street light let a person feel natural and familiar with, but the same wattage lumens than high color temperature, high temperature can improve the concentration of pedestrians, it will also cause the driver's visual fatigue, so need comprehensive multiple index to measure the effect of. 3500 k to 4000 k, so we suggest that the main branch to use 2700 k to 3000 k street lamp. But tell from color temperature, it is impossible to balance various needs. If you select a color temperature to two or morethings, think it is reasonable to 3000 k. 2, color rendering index: CRI. Color rendering index of English abbreviations. Look is not very tall? Actually very simple, it is used to display the color of the light source. Specific how to layout we not listed one by one, they can ask, they are professional LED manufacturer, only learned about the color of the LED lights, can be accurate to buy. 3, lumen. Show how bright the led lamp holder. So if the higher lumens, the greater the power consumption? Is not the case, so it requires everyone in the choice of LED light bulbs, be sure to take a closer look at the power consumption of the lumen value with numerical ratios, it can choose to high brightness, low consumption of products. So what LED street light source USES? LED street lamp with conventional street lamps, the LED light source adopts low voltage dc power supply, by GaN base power type blue leds and synthesis of white light yellow, with safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response and high color rendering index of unique advantages, can be widely used in road. Then cover available production, the high temperature of 135 degrees, low temperature resistant da 45 degrees. And the characteristics of LED street lamp itself - — The unidirectional light, no light diffusing, guarantee the light efficiency. Transformers street lamp design features: (1), and this LED street lamp USES the tensile aluminum radiator fins structure with anodic oxidation treatment, the shell adopts aluminium alloy, stainless steel plate and antioxidant pensu processing, durable, corrosion resistance, and with a certain distance between each module, so that from the left and right, up and down, front and rear air convection, the heat generated by the LED module distributed through the air in time, guarantee the LED street lamp surface temperature at no more than 50 ℃ to 35 ℃ environment; 2, LED welding on low thermal resistance of the aluminum plate, fully guarantee the heat coming from the LED light source can be spread out through the aluminum base plate in a timely manner; Below (3), aluminum substrate with high thermal conductivity silicone heat dissipation, ensure good contact with aluminum base plate and heat dissipation between aluminum alloy, there is no gap between them, the aluminum base plate timely through thermal silicone and aluminum alloy heat to the air; (4), LED the secondary light distribution lens imported PMMA + PC material, with 92% of the light transmittance, ensure the LED luminous flux has been applied as much as possible; 5], waterproof structure using hardness silicone ring at 30 degrees, ensure the LED street lamp holder of each module can achieve IP65 protection class above standards. [6] and forms of this LED street lamp adopts the module combination, easy to maintain, and every module internal temperature monitoring and control system, LED protection components, fully guarantee the life of the LED light source in more than 50000 hours. Three, outstanding technical parameters: (1), the LED street lamp with 1 ~ 3 w LED chip, take down power to use, fully ensure the LED light work life over 50000 hours; [2] secondary light distribution of imported PMMA lens, lens + PC material, this lens can be UV resistance, prevent breakage, aging, make lamp holder for a long time didn't work, the optical lens to reduce the resistance rate at the same time, make the whole led lighting effect of 90 ~ 100 lm/W above. (3), the whole lamp, adopting the module structure housing hole so that the air circulation, the temperature inside the lamp body does not produce accumulation.
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