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by:Mylight     2020-12-28
Students in the classroom learning every day, most of the time, if the classroom led lighting line is not good, will seriously affect the student's eyesight, now more and more students are myopia, in order to protect the eyes of students, schools must attach importance to the layout of the classroom, that classroom lamps and lanterns should be how to choose? Now as to find out together! Preferred efficiency efficiency of lamps and lanterns are the lamps and lanterns should notice all of the luminous flux emitted by lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns light emitted by the percentage of the luminous flux. It is a measure is one of the important parameters of energy-saving lamps and lanterns. The higher the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns can effectively use light flux; Whereas efficiency is lower, the waste of energy. Therefore, managers should be paid attention when choosing reasonable collocation, in ensuring the children comfortable at the same time, reduce energy use. Followed by the light distribution of lamps and lanterns shape at present commonly used lamps and lanterns of the classroom are small grille lamps and lanterns and big grille lamps and lanterns, general small grille lamps and lanterns of light distribution shape is cosine light distribution. The maximum intensity is basic in the light of lamps and lanterns, shooting the light intensity is very low, around the luminous flux on the light. Want to meet the standard requirements of high intensity of illumination uniformity, can only increase the using quantity of lamps and lanterns, can appear otherwise the classroom bright and dark and low intensity of illumination evenness. Grille larger shape of lamps and lanterns light distribution can make the bat wings. These are based on considering the specific circumstances of the classroom, we should reasonably. The glare of lamps and lanterns namely moreover quality ranks the glare from the quality of lamps and lanterns is according to GBJ133 'civil building design standard' with the brightness of lamps and lanterns limit curve of test method. Our ordinary grille lamps and lanterns of the classroom with a glare quality rank test, the test sample quantity for: big 5 only grille lamps and lanterns, small grille lamps and lanterns is 13. See from quantitative relation, small grille lamps and lanterns of glare quality level is generally better than big grille lamps and lanterns. Small grille lamps and lanterns is generally can be used in the 500 lx or less intensity of illumination acuities were 1000 lx, reached A level; While most big grille lamps and lanterns is in the 300 lx acuities were using low illumination 500 lx even more or less, to reach A level. The choice of lamps and lanterns influence on children's vision is mainly manifested in the glare, so should be filtered to the glare of lamps and lanterns, followed by light distribution in the shape of a problem, depending on the specific situation of the classroom, finally will also consider the energy conservation and environmental protection problem of lamps and lanterns, on the premise of children strength without interference to save electric energy to the greatest extent. That's LED manufacturers how to choose good classroom lamps and lanterns to detailed interpretation of the eye, hope to help you!
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