How to carry out energy management contract?

by:Mylight     2021-02-18
Contract energy management project development process is roughly divided into two most business negotiation and contract implementation. Contract energy management project development the main steps of business negotiation, 1) Detailed energy consumption research including EMC energy-using equipment to the customer or a detailed review of production technology, expectations of the proposed project energy saving for more accurate analysis and calculation. In addition, the EMC should contact the energy-saving equipment suppliers, confirm to choose energy-saving equipment price. Also, most of the project is necessary to determine the 'base year', on the basis of determining a measurement section of the project 'baseline' of energy. ( 2) After the contract is ready to negotiate with customer, the proposed project implementation to prepare a service contract of energy conservation. To the contract contents should include: energy saving, EMC and customer responsibility of both sides, energy saving calculation and how to measure the energy saving, etc. At the same time, EMCo ways to prepare a project plan, including project work schedule. ( 3) Contract is to accept or reject the terms if the customer for the proposed energy saving service contract, there is no objection and agreed to by the EMC to the energy saving project implementation, the formal energy saving service contract, project development work until the end. In this case, the energy consumption of EMC will take on the project cost in the process of research included in the total cost of the project. If the customer cannot and EMC agree on the terms of the contract, or for other reasons and finally give up the project, and detailed energy consumption survey confirmed that the expectations of energy saving in the project proposal, so EMC in detailed research of energy consumption in the process of cost should be paid by the customer. The energy saving service project development work steps of business negotiation is only guide nature. For specific projects, the working procedure may according to the actual situation. ( 4) Contact with the customer EMC preliminary contact with customers, the customer's business, and the energy used by equipment type, by adopting the basic situation of the production process of communication, in order to determine the customer focus on energy issues of concern. Introduce the basic situation of the company to the customer, business operation mode, and can give the benefits of customers, etc. Explain to the customer is pointed out that the field of energy saving potential, contracting issues relating to the energy conservation service determine this company can be involved in the project. ( 5) Preliminary audit by the arrangement of the customers, EMC has energy equipment and its operation to customers for testing, the rated parameters of the equipment, equipment number, operation condition and operation record. At the same time, must pay attention to the customer haven't come up with, but may have a significant energy saving potential of the link. ( 6) Section audit energy cost data, to estimate the energy using the energy consumption of the customer retention history records and other historical records, calculate the energy saving potential. Experienced EMC project manager may follow similar energy-saving projects for this job. ( 7) To submit energy saving project proposal based on the above work, EMC draft and submit to the customer a energy-saving project proposal, described the general situation of energy-saving projects proposed by section and estimation of energy. Review project proposal EMC, together with the customer, and answer the customer's questions about the proposed energy saving project. ( 5) Customer commitment and signed letter of intent for energy-saving projects so far, the customer does not have any expense, also does not undertake any obligation. EMC will all expenses arising in the course of carrying out the work and included in the cost of the company. Now, the customer must decide whether to continue the work of energy saving project, otherwise the EMC work will not be able to continue. EMC must be proposed energy-saving service contract terms to explain to the customer, make customer fully conscious of their rights and obligations. Usually, if the detailed energy consumption research confirmed that the estimation of energy saving in the project proposal, it shall require the client to sign a letter of intent for energy-saving projects, in order to make them clear recognition of this project. How to carry out energy management contract? EMC business activities of the basic process is: for the customer design and development a technically feasible and economically reasonable energy-saving projects. By mutual agreement, signed with client on the project implement EMC energy-saving service contract, and the performance of the obligations stipulated in the contract, guarantee the project implementation during the contract period promised energy, at the same time enjoy the rights prescribed in the contract, the contract period back to the project's funding and get a reasonable profit.
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