How to buy a high quality LED lighting tube light

by:Mylight     2020-12-26
LED downlight ceiling lamp is widely used in the hotel lobby and so on need to beautify the place, because the installation of the tube light is difficult, not easy to change, so choose a high quality, long service life for later can become brings a lot of convenience, the following will tell you the consumer, how to choose and buy a high quality LED downlight! 1, when buying LED tube light, we can have a look at the appearance of the canister light first, see the lamp body whether bright and clean, with and without scratches, and whether the overall feel is good, good LED canister light touch will be heavy, because the material and the radiator will be better. 2, take in the hand shaking the LED tube light, listen to whether there is a sound, such as a sound shows canister light inside is fixed, pose a safety hazard, for the unqualified products. 3, light LED downlight, use cell phone camera function close to the shiny surface to see whether there is a stroboscopic, stroboscope, if any, is the LED tube lamp is equipped with power supply for low-end inferior product, affect the overall quality of the LED tube light. 4, at the same time light a few the same LED led lighting manufacturers in the production of the same types of canister light, observe whether its light color and brightness is consistent, if there is a obvious inconsistency, inferior products, because the same LED lamp manufacturers in the same type of products may not appear light color and brightness are inconsistent. LED tube light as the main ceiling lamps and lanterns. In addition to the luminous effect, energy saving effect, heat dissipation and safety must be to consider the weight of. So for the buyer, the choose and buy the LED tube light, due to choose the brand has a reputation guarantee, before buying must carefully check the quality, eliminate safety hidden trouble.
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