How to build the school health classroom lighting environment

by:Mylight     2020-12-16
Teenagers healthy growth is related to the future of the country and the nation, providing scientific, safe for teenagers classroom environment is also the requirements and responsibilities of the whole society. So how to establish the health school classroom environment? Now as to find out together! In my opinion, there are the following points: 1. Formulate unified standards. School classroom has a unified standard - — The primary and middle schools classroom led lighting and health standard ', in 2011 published and implemented. But I'm afraid that implement to every school, is 'recognition' or 'useless'. For small and medium-sized school formulate unified classroom assessment indicators, through certain means of detection, and unified examination and approval on a regular basis to ensure the sustainable and healthy for the school classroom environment. 2. Ensure the quality of lamps and lanterns. Lamps and lanterns of inferior will produce harmful blue light radiation to human body, easy to cause different degree of eye diseases such as vision loss. Many bad manufacturers will be in the name of health, 'hang sheep head sell vinegar', fish in troubled waters, confusing. Prohibit inferior lamps and lanterns into the classroom, from the source to ensure school classrooms have a healthy environment. 3. Take many linkage. Health school classroom environment construction, not alone the school, government or business can be done by either party, be sure to linkage, government, schools, enterprises, medical institutions, families, students and so on various aspects work together, social action, and hand in hand, joint efforts, to create a reassuring health school classroom environment. Above is the 'how to build the school classroom health environment' in detail, hope to help you!
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