How to build a healthy classroom quality lighting light environment

by:Mylight     2020-12-31
Teenagers vision, protect their eyesight health, nanjing do? The country's first 'kindergarten classroom of primary and secondary schools acceptance management norms' in nanjing. It is understood that nanjing will invest 100 million yuan in two years, finished 500 school classroom, eyesight protection for kindergarten students of primary and secondary schools, a solid step. It is proved that the myopia prevention and control -- - — The classroom can not be ignored! The prevention of myopia, in addition to our own to pay attention to use eye sanitation, school also want to change the status quo, classroom for the students to build a healthy classroom high quality light environment! School classroom light environment should be visually health comfort as the first condition. Because in the process of the students in the classroom for learning, is almost close to look at, in order to better adapt to the light of the classroom, visual organ of the person will adjust themselves, and make the eye muscles too nervous. Student's study, on the other hand, time is too long, academic stress, long hours in light conditions substandard learning classroom environment, will cause the diseases of the visual physiology, resulting in myopia. A high-quality classroom light environment can provide healthy eye quality, reduce the visual fatigue, prevent myopia! Recommend the school choice '' brand, let teenagers enjoy healthy and high quality light environment of the classroom! As campus light health and driving force, is the first standard units of high quality light environment, the classroom is also on the color temperature in education, glare, blue light, intensity of illumination problems such as strict control, avoid bad light cause harm to eyesight health, effective prevention of myopia. Production of led lights and led the blackboard lamp that shield an eye, eye classroom lamps and lanterns of mature technology and through the CCC, CE certification requirements and high quality light environment, and other countries, the whole lamp RG0 classroom use special armor blue lights; Ra> 95, high color reducibility; Glare value & lt; 16, really achieve anti glare; Color temperature is 5000 k, the illumination uniformity of the classroom. The above is the 'how to build a healthy classroom high quality light environment' in detail, hope to help you!
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