How street lamps energy-saving renovation in contract energy management - cooperation mode Hundred lighting

by:Mylight     2020-12-06
A began to summer peak electricity, increasingly serious situation of shortage of electric power, across the country are faced with the grim problem of power shortages. How to cope with power shortage? LED is a path of energy conservation. 'The LED light source, energy-saving lamps such as cold light source, so there will be the effect of energy saving province electricity. City lights work 12 hours a day, power consumption is large, so how do we for street lamps energy-saving renovation? Now, you can with LED manufacturers to get to know it! Adopt the cooperation contract energy management mode can effectively boost in energy saving renovation of street lamp before explaining how street lamps energy-saving renovation, take you know first what is the contract energy management mode! Believe that this is not very many people to understand! Contract energy management mode has the following several characteristics: first, the energy consumption of enterprises need not money can complete energy-saving technological transformation, the so-called 'zero input'; Second, the EMC technology risk and economic risk, enterprise energy consumption from payments made to the EMC project benefit brought by the energy conservation, user 'zero risk', after the end of the contract, energy-saving equipment and energy consumption of all subsequent energy-saving benefit to enterprises. This mode is particularly suited to no budget or the lack of enough for the reform of department. 1, for the government, the government road energy conservation can contract management mode can effectively alleviate the pressure of fiscal payment, is a kind of money do much less well pattern. 2, for the enterprise, also can fully release capacity, LED to further propel the development of enterprises. Can be strict with contract energy management mode for the LED energy saving transformation. Contract energy management mode, the production of LED street light has the following characteristics: LED street lamp USES the tensile aluminum radiator fins structure with anodic oxidation treatment, the shell adopts aluminium alloy, stainless steel plate and antioxidant pensu processing, durable, corrosion resistance, and with a certain distance between each module, so that from the left and right, up and down, front and rear air convection, the heat generated by the LED module distributed through the air in time, guarantee the LED street lamp surface temperature at no more than 50 ℃ to 35 ℃ environment; 2, LED welding on low thermal resistance of the aluminum plate, fully guarantee the heat coming from the LED light source can be spread out through the aluminum base plate in a timely manner; Below (3), aluminum substrate with high thermal conductivity silicone heat dissipation, ensure good contact with aluminum base plate and heat dissipation between aluminum alloy, there is no gap between them, the aluminum base plate timely through thermal silicone and aluminum alloy heat to the air; (4), LED the secondary light distribution lens imported PMMA + PC material, with 92% of the light transmittance, ensure the LED luminous flux has been applied as much as possible; 5], waterproof structure using hardness silicone ring at 30 degrees, ensure the LED street lamp holder of each module can achieve IP65 protection class above standards. [6], LED street lamp USES the forms of module combination, easy to maintain, and every module internal temperature monitoring and control system, LED protection components, fully guarantee the life of the LED light source in more than 30000 hours. The above is the LED manufacturer to tell you how street light energy-saving renovation in contract energy management cooperation mode to carry out related are introduced, everyone know? The hope can help you!
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