How should our country road lighting energy saving transformation development

by:Mylight     2020-12-15
With the development of economy in our country, traffic is more and more developed. Highways, high-speed rail, light rail, subway, etc. , before a dirt road in rural, are now into a wide cement road, because of the continuous development of national traffic, road demand more and more strong. Will cause the growing demand for electricity, so it to called on the international environmental protection and energy saving, countries in recent years, increasing the development of LED industry, also to promote the energy-saving reform of the road. So our energy-saving reform the way how to develop? Abandon the incandescent lamp, is the first choice to switch to LED road lights, select high efficiency and energy saving, with long life-span that road LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns is good quality, life 50000 hours, can realize 3 - Four years don't have to change the lamps and lanterns, high pressure sodium lamp is 5000 hours on average, compared to the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium or not, also save labor and every year in the cost of lamps and lanterns; To switch to road LED street lamps will use very little energy to achieve the best effect, which greatly saves the electricity required to the road. In the road, to replace the damaged lamps is a big economic costs, and LED lights have long service life, use for a long time, don't need to change. LED street light theory up to 50000 hours, it is several dozen times the ordinary incandescent lamp, it is more the advantages for the use of leds in the road. LED lights with the energy conservation and environmental protection, long life and other advantages, is the ideal light source on the market at present. Believe that the use of LED lights will promote the development of the whole LED industry. LED street lamp is made of high quality aluminum radiator, radiator excellent results. Quality and strengthen safe explosion-proof glass lens, practical strong, high light transmittance. Production of LED street lamp driven by waterproof IP65 standards, ensure driving power source is not water. On this basis, adopt three layers waterproof apron to protect the lamp body, making the whole lamp is truly achieve IP65 waterproof waterproof standard. Street lamp shell corrosion resistant, anti cracking, beautiful atmosphere. LED lights obvious advantages, although it is the price on the high side, but as the industry standard, the price of the LED is not a problem in the future. As the industry promotion, optimization, LED street lamps, technology is also not much problem. A country want to sustained and rapid development, the energy problem is the primary problem, have to face and transcend the LED street lamp can be largely solve the energy problem in the road. To sum up, the LED on the global road application will shine brilliantly in the future, prospects are considerable.
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