How many energy-saving LED lighting energy saving transformation necessary modification

by:Mylight     2021-02-23
Energy shortage has become the economic and social development of our country's an indisputable fact that our country construction enterprise development is rapid, building energy consumption in the whole energy consumption proportion is more and more big. In recent years, factories and mines, enterprises and the reform of housing system has greatly promoted the development of housing industry and national economy, building energy consumption is growing rapidly. Our country introduced all kinds of building energy conservation laws and regulations and technical specifications, and the energy-saving technical renovation measures for the management of financial reward funds to give subsidies and tax breaks on the policy, aims to promote energy-saving building construction and help enterprise energy saving money. Traditional LED to the pace of transformation is accelerating. The National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other departments are studying the policy of financial subsidies to promote LED products. LED industry rapid development, currently on the price, the technology already has a strong competitive advantage, become the life-blood of the industry and market of small star. Is to point to: existing replace traditional lamps and lanterns of LED lamps and lanterns. The existing traditional lamps and lanterns, fluorescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, halogen lamp, tricolor energy-saving fluorescent lamps, etc. Relative to the LED lamps and lanterns, its power consumption is larger, and not environmental protection. As traditional lamps and lanterns contain harmful heavy metal Hg, Pb, etc. , fragile, and the luminous efficiency is not high, a large proportion is converted into heat lost in air, more sensitive to temperature requirement, life is short, and many other issues; For earnings, although the price cost is low, but for a long time no return on investment, not only waste is serious. And LED lamps and lanterns is completely solve the disadvantage of these traditional lamps and lanterns is in use, and green environmental protection, energy saving efficiency can reach 80%. The lamps and lanterns of energy-saving reform of common replacement table is as follows: the original traditional lamps and lanterns power ( w) Replace the LED lamps and lanterns power ( w) Note 9 LED the luminous efficiency of lamps and lanterns is 90-5 125 lm/w, the life expectancy of 50000 h; Function the same LED lamps and lanterns are available to replace 18 July 22 10 40 18 to 55 25, 400, 180, 1000, 400, after replacement, save electricity every year, short, 3 / may can recycling costs, long can recycling costs within a year. And power saving profits in the future, it is through the use of a large energy saving benefits realization project profit.
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