How long is the service life of LED lamps and lanterns?

by:Mylight     2021-02-06
Many consumers concerned about a problem, how long is the service life of LED lights? The service life of LED lamp is affected by various factors, such as heat dissipation, power supply, etc. , in order to make the use time of LED lights will do a good job in every link as long as possible, as far as possible to improve these factors, to maximize the service life of the LED. The service life of LED lights to points a few part of the explanation, LED the life of the general in 100000 hours, and LED to make light, it will have a certain power, the greater the power, the higher the cooling requirements. The service life of heat dissipation is not good, the LED will be affected. Then there is driving power supply part, and so on are related to the life of the LED lights. Now we the service life of the LED lamp is 30000 hours, but you want to make clear is that 30000 hours not light is broken, not lit up. We mean the droop may be greater than 30% after 30000 hours, CFLS began to be used for the first time will quickly produce light failure, general family expenses in about 3 months up to 20 ~ 30% of the light failure. Light attenuation and time slowly, keep 3 ~ 5000 hours after will be more than 40% when the lamp is discarded. Another good power supply can effectively improve the service life of LED lamp, good power supply not only energy saving, and make the current more stable, more conducive to the use of LED lights. In short the service life of LED lamps and lanterns is received the influence of each link, to extend the service life of the LED must be LED manufacturer to do a good job in each link, each link to achieve the optimal, the service life of the natural is best, when consumer is choosing lamps and lanterns can choose, benchmarking, energy-saving product certification products in guangdong province and so on have national qualification certification of products, so that to have security.
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