How inappropriate for an underground garage lighting energy-saving renovation

by:Mylight     2021-01-02
Due to the underground garage design using the traditional design, so more than the traditional way of lamp holder. Before using inductance stent, in recent years, most of them adopt the LED bracket, than the original energy saving a lot. Mostly due to the underground garage built underground completely, because without the sun, the garage is open 24 hours a day, but it caused a great waste of electricity, inefficient and expensive, so underground parking energy-saving reform is imperative. Before the energy-saving reform, property management companies in order to save electricity, selected is closed, or turn off more than half of the power supply, or even simply pulled down half of the LED lamp, so although achieved the purpose of saving money, but it is not the right way to saving energy! And hidden danger of this is due to the intensity of illumination is insufficient, easy to produce safe hidden trouble, and serious discomfort caused by the driver. Before many is the use of fluorescent lamp, the effect of the underground garage is very poor, so not enough brightness, and life is too short, so the energy-saving reformation is urgent! So how to design of underground garage? Need to consider the transition 1, entrance, entrance area, and the need to provide the appropriate level of intensity of illumination and vertical illuminance. 2, ramp, the ramp road sections shall be higher than that of planar road section, and should consider the level of intensity of illumination and vertical illuminance. 3, pedestrian passage: the pedestrian including planar walkway of parking lot and on the ground of the stairs, the stairs section should provide the appropriate level of intensity of illumination and vertical illuminance. 4, space environment, underground parking lot is a special place, closed, depression, psychological anxiety, so, should be to improve the underground space environment atmosphere, build open effect, reduce the closed space to take to person's repressive and constraint, the methods include appropriate brightness, hue, the vertical plane, of metope, ceiling, Open ceiling make various crisscrossed pipes exposed, if they are hidden in the dark space, often brings more uncertainty and unpredictability, causing people psychological anxiety) , clear sign or logo, etc. General use T5 and T8 LED daylight lamp or LED mining lamp of hanging on the roof of the effect will be better, but also energy saving province electricity. Above is the 'how to retrofit the underground garage in inappropriate? 'In detail, the hope will be helpful to you!
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