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by:Mylight     2020-12-03
Hotel design mainly reflects in the lobby of the design and the design of the hotel rooms, lobby, build a kind of kind, home feeling, build sweet and comfortable, let a guest rooms can be fully relaxed environment, the following is the design of the hotel room to share with you! Guest room guest room is the key of the hotel, is the guest of stay for the longest area, with comfortable, quiet and friendly as the main tone. Different style rooms, flexible and varied, general environment to hide the LED light strip or LED wash wall lamp and so on is given priority to, do not recommend setting accumulates the ambient light in the space. Local area can be set to shoot the light, can increase a certain area of the intensity of illumination in certain situations. Illumination: general is 50 ~ 100 lx to embody the characteristics of quiet and rest; Local can be appropriately to improve intensity of illumination, such as toilet glass should offer illumination for around 300 lx, before desk work desk lamp should be provided for writing, the head of a bed can use desk lamp, wall lamp, reading lamp, also can use adjustable light Angle to shoot the light. Color temperature: around 3000 k. The bedroom is given priority to with warm color to move, should use below 3500 k light source; You should use the bathroom with a color temperature higher than 3500 k outstanding cleaning and liquor taste. Color: Ra> 90. Good color rendering performance makes guests increased self-confidence, feel comfortable is good. Guest room besides the soft warm light lamp chamfer, also made specifically for local light processing, can not only provide functional, also is in the different area of the space differentiate, rich space level. Corridor corridor is the tie that connecting the function space is a special space. Overall color WenYi choose warm color is 3000 k, the average intensity of illumination about 150 lx, color rendering of no less than 80. Way diversification, hide the light tube and wall lamp, LED to shoot the light, throw light on lamps and lanterns of different way of adjustment, the formation of different types of lights modelling adornment effect, add fun to narrow corridor. To the guest room corridor on light processing to achieve the basic requirements, both to protect privacy. Using LED lamps and lanterns, build all kinds of environment, LED lamps and lanterns can achieve a variety of light color is adjustable, and long service life, energy saving, greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and management of late!
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