Hotel lighting design how to create a home for the customer the feeling

by:Mylight     2020-11-25
Hotel design depends to a large extent can influence consumer choice, go out in the outside of the hotel, more hope to get a feeling of warm and sweet home, hotel design needs at this time is to use warm color of lamps and lanterns is given priority to, specific how to design? Design principle of lighting is an integral part of hotel style, lamps and lanterns appearance and architectural space coordinate, and the unity of the decoration style is the first thing to consider. The modelling of lamps and lanterns, material qualitative, color and so on from the style of the space, but also affects the style of the space. Unique lamps and lanterns is often the characterization of indoor space. Light as air in space, infiltrating the skin of people heart, gave rise to people's emotions. Hotels need to emphasize their own temperament, build their own atmosphere. Especially in the dining room, light color and even affect people's appetite for food. Generally used to warm white light source, color temperature is about 3000 k. The idea was that: no matter what kind of hotel, build a cordial, warm and friendly atmosphere, should be their common aspirations, and the color temperature of 3000 k light source provided by the environment, to strengthen the characteristics of the hotel. ( 1) Based on human visual perception of color temperature and the study of spatial perception, color should be orange color with hue be violet color, the contrast at the same time, orange, yellow, let a person feel warm, is close to us; Based on memory, when the color contrast in succession, the result is the same. ( 2) This kind of consciousness, in the depth of the psychological level to raise, it is the same kind, warm, friendly such psychological evaluation and emotional activities closely together. ( 3) Based on engineering practice, when a hotel project, in the absence of all aspects of interference, thoroughly carry out this principle, the effect is very good. In the hotel restaurant people need their private space, and glare like a staring eyes, make people uncomfortable. Glare of catering or entertainment, more can let a person can't maintain the mood, eager to a walk it, let the hostess lovely smile. Hotel facilities of different intensity of illumination standard, but are more pay attention to the brightness of the surface index room. Hotels spatial segmentation is more complex, such environments to his surrounding space is expected to have more clear cognition, gain a stronger sense of security and reality. This contrary to actors on stage. Hotels of social networking sites is a place where people show their good side, on the other hand operator also tend to show some unique items to show their style. This requires design also want to consider the modelling ability of lamplight, tries hard to people place oneself among them as well as the facility itself more beautiful. Hotel is a personalized space, everyone wants independence of small environment. The flexible control of led lighting becomes more important, which is that contrasts with the public. As for the hotel business, film and television, and so on in the facilities, is to refer to the corresponding classification standard to design implementation. Hotel design scheme for the hotel design is one of the most important, only with a good plan, to make a good design, can achieve the goal of our design, has a wealth of design experience, can call free consultation!
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