Hotel Chinese food, western food restaurant lighting design

by:Mylight     2020-12-03
Hotel dining space design is the important area. Hotels usually have Chinese restaurant and western restaurant, the two types of restaurants, due to the differences on function, purpose, so in the design will be treated separately. ( 1) Chinese restaurant: often used in business or other aspects of the formal banquets, so the overall atmosphere should be formal, friendly, its general illumination, compared with western style restaurant, much higher, the intensity of illumination should be uniform, less brightness contrast brought about by the mood swings. Point light source, a strip light source, or various types of lanterns, all can meet the requirements of good. In order to make the quality of the dishes and tonal can appear lively and attractive, to arouse the appetite. Table desktop is a key, it is best to high color rendering of light above the table set key, if not in every table above provide a key, the restaurant of the average illuminance value is designed on the high side. In addition, should give high attention to light distribution, in order to make full of stereo feeling. In design practice in the restaurant, we use several project-light lamp wall lamp or to correct the general complanation, strengthening of human body, especially the images of facial expressions and contour. Illumination requirements: general illumination take 200 lux, mainly take 300 lux, supplemented by the side of the light beam light source can be used to object, light intensity in the center at about 150 CD. Color temperature requirements: around 3000 k, and light color coordinated. Color: Ra> 90. ( 2) Western restaurant, western restaurant is often used in informal business dinner, dinner or a relationship more familiar and close dining place, so its overall atmosphere should be sweet and rich emotional appeal, its average illuminance value, all the Chinese restaurant is much lower. In addition, due to the informal dining, so it can not request to the person's face and expression, but the focus of the table desktop to make dishes lively bright beautiful, still and let diners convenient access, so its color is very important. Intensity of illumination requirement: take 50 - general illumination Key in 100-100 lux 150 lux, if has the side light, can be used after light beam to object, light intensity in the centre around 50 CDS. Color temperature requirements: around 3000 k, and light color coordinated. Color: Ra> 90. In addition of Chinese and western culture is different, the way to goes with the environment and coordinated so as to appear, bring out the best in each other, more prominent to improve the environment of the restaurant, hotel restaurant design will be necessary!
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