High power LED lighting lamps and lanterns of heat - — Graphene materials

by:Mylight     2021-02-14
For this kind of high power LED street lamp LED lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation is the main factor restricting LED to maximum effect, so the LED street lamp manufacturer also pulled out all the stops on the cooling solution, the following will introduce the cooling effect of graphene materials! Graphene is applied to a high power LED modules, graphene heat dissipation of high power LED module production process, the graphene composite material is applied to the chip heat conduction, heat flux dilution and enhance infrared radiation. Application of this new material, new technology of street lamp module can not replace the lamp shell under the premise of sodium lamp replacement directly, doubled the efficiency than before. Graphene is the highlight of energy conservation, heat control, light efficiency is improved. Graphene due on the thermal performance such as better, compared with the ordinary LED lights to save a lot of heat dissipation area, so than LED lights can be energy-saving 20% to 30%; And if than normal sodium lamp, but also can be energy-saving 70%. In this way, the same power consumption, on the basis of graphene the brightness of the lamp will be higher, but the benefits can also benefit in the drivers on the road. Almost all ordinary LED lights have a light black, light around, but under the street light but dark; And graphene street light due to the change in brightness and light distribution way, can the basic path to avoid this kind of light and shade staggered zebra crossing effect. In addition, from the appearance, the street lamp due to reduced heat dissipation area, also can make more room on the modelling diversity. After meet the basic requirements, can make the modelling of lamps more beautiful! With the progress of technology, all kinds of LED led lighting solutions and new material emerge in endlessly, believe in the future of science and technology progress of The Times, LED lamps and lanterns, life will be more and more long, use efficiency will be more and more high, and will continue to reduce cost!
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