Good eye the classroom lights should be accord with what standard

by:Mylight     2021-01-04
Comes to light, always reminds people of hope, of the light. We 'in the eyes of the world', however, is becoming more and more fuzzy, many people had to be separated by a thick layer of lenses to see scenery. And this kind of circumstance is spreading, and generalization, younger age trend. At present our country myopia patients has a population of 600 million, juvenile myopia rate is high. The country at present a total of more than 200 million primary and secondary school students, but the classroom light environment many not standard! A, the board and the desks of illuminance and the intensity of illumination evenness is generally lower than the standards stipulated by the state. Second, most of the classroom blackboard installed directly exposed fluorescent tube, while watching the blackboard, students influenced by the direct glare of tubes, difficulty concentrating, reduce the learning efficiency, and easy to visual fatigue, long-term easily lead to myopia. Three, fluorescent lamps and lanterns is general configuration inductance ballasts, there are serious stroboscopic effect, students' visual system of frequent adjustment, will inevitably cause eyestrain. Four, most generally adopt high colour temperature (in the classroom 6500K) Fluorescent tube, the light color is too white, and blue components, easy to cause the students excited, fatigue, and even cause insomnia. The classroom directly affects the student's eyesight, so we in the choice school classroom is a tricky when choose the lamps, can meet the requirements of and to protect students' eyesight, attention should be paid to the following: when choose light to consider the qualification of lamps and lanterns: certificate, test report and so on. The classroom that shield an eye lamp has LED the national compulsory CCC certification, CQC energy-saving product certification, CE, CB certification, ISO9001; 2008 certification, ISO14001:2004 certification, access to China's energy-saving product certification, etc. Lamps and lanterns is special: many businesses in order to enhance the user adhesiveness, will launch special tubes. The price of this tube is certainly higher than general tubes, this is not the decisive factor of lamps and lanterns is good or bad, of course, choose not to choose depends on the users themselves. In order to develop real eye LED lamps and lanterns of the classroom, all of them, and stood in the Angle of human factors engineering, starting from the vision of health and human comfort requirements, research and development of healthy, comfortable, environmental protection, energy saving products of the classroom. Light the lamp that shield an eye, we need to study well, basically see three aspects: a look at the color temperature - — 4000 ~ 5000 k; 2 see stability - — Staring into the light bulbs, cannot appear any light shaking, and not feel dazzling; The uniformity -- - — Tube overall brightness even, no brighter or darker. Has 18 years experience of equipment production, is a professional engaged in energy-saving eyecare r&d, design, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. School classroom case involving national, such as: yuelu experimental middle school of changsha, changsha bo to sunshine experiment elementary school, zhuzhou experiment elementary school health school, nanjing, guangzhou panyu star mountain middle school, guangzhou yao elementary school, the second middle school in guangzhou, south China university of science and technology, Beijing charity school, Beijing changping a medium. The above is the 'good eye classroom light should accord with what standard' detailed introduction, hope to help you!
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