Good classroom lighting design should meet the requirements

by:Mylight     2020-12-07
Adolescent myopia rate is very high in our country, and youth is a large part of the time spent in school, so to improve the classroom light environment requires the attention of the schools. Classroom reform needs to choose a good lamps and lanterns, what kind of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns is good? Now as to find out together! Respond to the classroom, using up to the standard of middle and primary school classroom led as light source of lamps and lanterns. In order to give children to create a comfortable, healthy and green environment, the classroom light adopts led grille anti-dazzle + back light design; The blackboard lamp may adjust the irradiation Angle position based on the blackboard. The classroom after modification, the greater than or equal to 300 lux, intensity of illumination evenness is greater than or equal to 0. 7. And the blackboard and reflective, not see the blackboard writing is more clear! Students have a large part of time is spent in the classroom, read, write, look at the blackboard, activities are associated with eyes, night lessons, cloudy day, and so on and so forth, you need the light of the photo. Good classroom design should meet the following requirements: 1. Meet students reading, writing, painting, and other basic requirements, ensure that the visual target horizontal and vertical illumination requirements, meet the desktop average illuminance value not less than 300 lx, the intensity of illumination uniformity should not be lower than 0. 7. 2. Meet the color rendering index greater than 80, good glare control ( UGR< glare value; 19) To reduce light reflection, protect vision, improve the level of visual function and visibility. 3. To guide students to focus on teaching or demonstration area, at the same time, guarantee that the color temperature in k - 4500 Between 5500 k to create comfortable light environment. 4. Meet the requirements of face to face communication between students, brightness distribution is reasonable, meet the average illuminance value 300 lx, intensity of illumination uniformity should not be lower than 0. 7. 5. Control should be adapted to different presentation and teaching situation, and consider the effect of natural light. 6. The classroom should be safe, reliable, convenient maintenance and repair, and coordination with the environment. A good classroom environment, select high-quality classroom lamps and lanterns is very important also. The classroom with high efficiency and energy saving lamps and lanterns that shield an eye high quality LED light source, no stroboscopic control IC constant-current power supply, lamps and lanterns through professional optical design, use small grille anti-dazzle technology, the lamp body USES the pervious to light material, all to the light, and create a healthy and comfortable even classroom light environment. At the same time, in the classroom, is the key of the blackboard, the blackboard to the tasks of the transmission of knowledge. Generally the classroom blackboard utilization ratio is very high, must stand in the Angle of the students and teachers to consider the blackboard. So, want to build a good board, need to do the following: 1. The blackboard is the focus students' attention, it needs higher vertical illuminance, to meet the standard or higher 500 lux. 2. Due to the board as a key area of knowledge, so the light distribution more uniform, feeling more comfortable, intensity of illumination evenness 0 or higher. 8. 3. Direct reflected glare, dazzling light appear easily in the blackboard. In order to eliminate the glare of the blackboard, the following three conditions to be met. The board through the blackboard surface reflected light into the eyes of students; The blackboard is not direct source of light into the eyes of students; The teacher will not find the blackboard anti. 4. In order to avoid direct reflected glare, the emergence of the problem such as glare, blackboard lamp installation position and need to have professional design perspective, the following is the blackboard lamp arrangement. 5. In order to facilitate the blackboard light varies according to different teaching environment, it is recommended that the board should be separate control switch. 6. In addition to meet the above points, the high quality of lamps and lanterns of the board has a pivotal role. The blackboard lamp that shield an eye by optical lens design, adjust the light output line, eliminate the glare, not dazzling, achieve the result of the blackboard. The above is the 'good classroom design should meet the needs of what' the detailed explanation, hope to help you!
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