Family atmosphere lighting need to pay attention to three points

by:Mylight     2020-12-17
With the continuous improvement of people's living quality, the lamps and lanterns of the family, has not only in order to meet the need, more is to meet the family atmosphere, give a person a kind of comfortable feeling, so the family how to design? Different regions have different requirements and solutions! Should absorb dome light anti glare when lying in bed, isn't it always feel overhead droplight or absorb dome light sense is very strong? Even very dazzling? This is a lot of Chinese family of led lighting design easy to overlook a little & ndash; — Didn't pay attention to prevent glare. Sitting or lying in bed, ceiling lights came into sight. If you use can directly see the light bulb lamps and lanterns, or a very large area, high brightness, absorb dome light, irritation of the eyes will feel uncomfortable, affect the mood and sleep bedroom. Therefore, when selecting a bedroom advocate the lamp, neither absorb dome light or droplight, should do anti glare. For example, choose the frosted bulb or translucent chimney, weaken the strong light of direct. In addition, don't consciously think the bedroom advocate the lamp must be bright enough. Need the use function of brightness ( Read a book, see things, etc. ) Don't need to rely on the main lamp, and use a reading lamp, and other lamps and lanterns. Advocate the lamp with not too bright it is, also helps to create atmosphere. Droplight of hid lamp is better than in some avant-garde design of the bedroom, even can't see the existence of advocate the lamp, more and more people like Tibetan lamp design. In a circle on the ceiling lamp chamfer, for example, hid lights up. Light with a diffuse reflection on the wall, make whole space more natural light and soft. People lying in bed, no longer interference by overhead lights, reduce the burden of sleep. In the conditional case, the main hid lamp, is indeed a more humanized design. Function, a reading light enough, in fact, in the concept of lighting design, a space lighting mainly has three categories: pan, functionality, and atmosphere. It didn't need to be very bright, just need to see objects, comfortable brightness can; Function needs to provide enough light, easy to read, write, do manual fine living; Atmosphere is to increase the space decoration and the elements of comfort. According to this theory, it is necessary to look at things, as long as the function is enough. Need to function in the room, mostly in reading, writing, bedside table, rummaging inside. All this, only need a reading lamp or the head of a bed lamp can be satisfied. So, the main function of the lamp and desk lamp is clearly area to separate. In addition, also suggested that can increase the embedded in the wardrobe, such as article opened the door can open induction lamp, etc. , so that we can let the closet more close, easy to use. Atmosphere lamp to increase bedroom emotional appeal's main function is used to sleeping, therefore, build the atmosphere sleeping is also a task of the bedroom. Can be appropriately increased in the bedroom atmosphere, for example, on the ground have floodlight floor lamp in the corner. Desktop or atmosphere can have on metope light, such as simulation can put the candle on the table, create emotional appeal; Can be hanged on the metope light of lamps, pin-points of romantic atmosphere, etc. , can let a bedroom become attractive. Even some space design will be around the perimeter of the bed height using low illumination light band, use lamplight, increase the design feeling of the space.
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