Corridor LED what are the advantages of microwave infrared induction lamp

by:Mylight     2020-12-09
At present, the application of LED lamps and lanterns is more and more widely, the people have not only stay in the traditional way, but more joined the intelligent elements, like huawei, the addition of millet, LED elements can only be more clear, more promoted the development of the LED lamps and lanterns only! LED the human body induction lamp is on the basis of the traditional separate corridor human body induction lamp, combined with the human body induction function of corridor lights and LED light source, energy saving, high brightness, environmental protection, long-life advantages. With super energy saving, intelligent control, light source and control module integration etc, completely replace the traditional corridor human body induction lamp, corridor acoustic electric lights and touch to turn off the lights. LED the working principle of the human body induction lamp can be explained from the following several parts: main LED induction lamp body is the use of thermal infrared radiation produced by people. Use lamp holder part of the human body sensing elements, after round of Fresnel optical filter, the surface thermal infrared focusing on sensing elements, generate electrical signals, after signal processing module, delay switch module, optical sensing module based on the analysis of processing, under the readings on the human body induction lamp is opened and closed. In the three modules of built-in thermal module is responsible for the detection of human body thermal infrared, delay switch module is responsible for handling light length range, optical sensing module is responsible for testing the strength of the light. First of all, the strong light during the day or light environment, light induction module to detect the signal value will be the whole lamp control in locked state, even if one after the LED within the scope of the human body induction lamp will not turn on the light. In the evening or dark, light induction module according to the detected light efficiency value, will open induction lamp is in standby state, at the same time, the human body infrared thermal module should also start. If the human body infrared thermal module should be induced to have human activities in its scope, will produce a signal, signal delay switch module on the lights, LED lights, electric lights, delay switch has a value within 60 seconds, if sustained in a range of induction, the LED is normally on the human body induction lamp, when the man left, the human body human body infrared sensing module is not detected, is no signal to delay switch, in the 60 seconds time, LED the human body induction lamp will be automatically closed. At that time, various modules in the standby state, waiting for the next work cycle. Based on the principle of human body infrared development design LED human body induction lamp, in use is the most intuitive features: a strong, white or light is not bright. Second, when the dark night, lamps and lanterns is on standby. Third, in standby state, when the body into the induction range, LED the human body induction lamp open. Four, if within the scope of its activities, light normally on. Five, when people leave, LED the human body induction lamp will be automatically closed in 60 seconds. LED infrared induction lamp to appear more intelligent and convenient not only, but also greatly save electricity, combined with the science and technology, fully embodies the science and technology make life more beautiful, also would be a perfect combination of intelligence and energy, not only intelligent and energy saving!
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