Contract energy management steps

by:Mylight     2021-02-19
EMC contract energy management business activities of the basic procedure is: for the customer to develop a technically feasible and economically reasonable energy-saving projects. By mutual agreement, signed with the customer on the project implementation an energy-saving service contract. Fulfill the obligations as stipulated in the energy conservation service in the contract, guarantee the project produced during the contract period specified in the contract section of energy. Enjoy the rights prescribed in the contract, the contract period to recover for the project funds and reasonable profit. Contact with the customer: initial contact with the customer, the customer's business, the energy used by equipment type, by adopting the basic situation of the production process of communication, to determine the key concern for energy saving, the client can determine the EMC intervention project. Preliminary audit: EMC, through the arrangement of the customer, the customer has the energy consumption of equipment and its operation, the rated parameters of the equipment, equipment number, operation condition and operation record. Review of energy cost data/estimate energy saving: the customer retention power consumption history records and other historical records, calculate the energy saving potential. A preliminary project proposal: based on the above work, EMC draft and submit to the customer a energy-saving project proposal, and answer the customer may be raised about the proposed energy conservation project. 5, customer commitment/signed a letter of intent: to determine whether the customer is willing to continue the development work of energy saving projects. With the customer to sign a letter of intent for energy-saving projects. Detailed research: energy consumption of the energy-using equipment or the production process of the customer review and accurate analysis and calculation in detail. The price of compute energy-saving equipment is proposed. Must be determined in the 'base year', on the basis of determining a measurement section of the project 'baseline' of energy. Preparation: contract through consultation with customer, the proposed project implementation to prepare a service contract of energy conservation. To the contract contents should include: energy saving, EMC and customer responsibility of both sides, energy saving calculation and how to measure the energy saving, etc. At the same time, the EMC aspect to prepare a project plan, including project work schedule. Contract: the energy conservation service contract signed by the legal representative of both the EMC with the customer. EMC and customers on both sides of the lawyers should be involved in energy conservation service contract negotiation and contract documents. Monitoring: in some cases, the need to transform the energy consumption of equipment to make the necessary monitoring, to establish a 'baseline' energy consumption of energy-saving projects. The monitoring work must be conducted before replacing the existing equipment energy consumption. Engineering design: EMC tissue for energy saving project need of engineering design work. Not all the energy saving project requires this step, such as renovation project. The construction/installation: EMC, according to the work schedule of the two sides agreed with the customer, specified in the contract for construction project and the installation of energy-saving equipment, to ensure the construction quality control, the installed equipment to do a detailed record. Acceptance of the project: EMC to ensure all equipment running as expected goals, training the operator to operate the new equipment, the records made by the equipment changes to customers resources, and provide detailed information about the new equipment. Monitoring energy saving: depending on the type of monitoring stipulated in the contract, complete the need for energy saving monitoring work. Monitoring requirements may be interval, one-time or continuity, is to determine whether or not energy saving up to one of the extremely important link contracted. Project maintenance/training: EMC according to the terms of the contract, the project contract period, to provide customers the installed equipment maintenance services. At the same time, the most important for EMC is energy-saving benefit sharing project output. In addition, it is recommended that the EMC keep in close contact with customers, so that the possible problems of the installed equipment for rapid diagnosis and treatment, at the same time continue to optimize and improve the running performance of the installed equipment, in order to improve the project's energy output. EMC also deal with customer technical staff for proper training, so that after the expiration of the contract, project equipment can still run normally, to ensure that can continuously, without attenuation to achieve energy-saving projects should produce energy saving results.
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