Commercial space lighting design to do

by:Mylight     2021-01-11
Commercial space design of perfect function space, create a space atmosphere, strengthening the environmental characteristics, positioning places properties have an important role, its importance is self-evident. Business from the function is divided into several categories such as base, key, decoration, there are different ways of light distribution and the displays are arranged different requirements. 1 basic foundation, also known as general, there are levels of illuminance and certain vertical illuminance. Foundation of illuminance is unfavorable and exorbitant, brightness, no direction, only be used for the lights of the base bedding, reduce the difference between light and shade. Basis, generally at the top of the ways, the light should be uniform, soft, such as using light-emitting smallpox, ceiling type suction a top grille type, etc. Basic function is to ensure that customers and staff have a convenient, comfortable environment, is the comprehensive commercial display space requirements, in addition to meet the general requirements of goods in commercial exhibition space, and ensure that public space, transitional space within the exhibition area, basic work and service space. 2 key point is to point to to emphasize a particular object, or draw attention to view a part of a direction. Focus on the intensity of illumination, generally take the basis of 3 - 6 times, often using projection lamp, inclined top cast light in front of the object is outstanding, but the specific types of projection lamp is also as the type, size, display method of the goods. Focus on commonly used in jewelry, jewelry, precious metals, watches higher-value or small volume of the description of still life, in order to attract customers, increase the desire to buy. In commercial exhibition space, the main area is the exhibit of information, to highlight the objects depicted, using this way in the shopping mall bright area and dark area contrast, create all kinds of commercial space atmosphere, so as to highlight stereo feeling, this kind of high contrast, with the level of the rich individuality of the goods. The most important thing is to the exhibits on display, should according to the properties of different types, different items, choose a different way. 3 decorative decoration also calls the atmosphere, relative to the base and key of decoration more emphasizes the artistic bias, mainly through some change of color and movement, as well as intelligent control system to have the effect of depth of beautification space image, bring different visual enjoyment.
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