Coffee shop, bar lighting design need to be aware of a few questions

by:Mylight     2021-01-12
Now the social from all walks of life are to follow the trend of the use of LED light source as the first choice of light source, a lot of transformation of enterprises, and have choose the lamps and lanterns of LED lamps and lanterns to replace the traditional, not only can do energy saving, and can design a better effect, below is the sharing of design scheme about the coffee shop and bar! A cafe cafe, basically to create a relaxed, carefree space. Business hours are mainly from morning to night, some stores even open late into the night, and for the most part is no rest for a long time business. Shined through the window of the natural light during the day, the brightness is far higher than that of artificial, therefore can introduce natural light, but also to create a comfortable space. However, effective use of the light-emitting element such as wall, the droplight of personalized design, and important way to bring the store during the day bright feeling. But if the improper planning, may dim impression to the person, let who go. At night, can be in a desktop, emphasis on metope, exhibits and main area lamps and lanterns. Don't have to be used as a whole, by irradiation on the desktop, wall, display the light produced by the reflected light, will be full of brightness. In addition, in order to make the environment can be suitable for daytime, evening, night when different situations demand, can add the brightness of the dimming function in order to obtain equilibrium. Cafe tables and chairs are put area due to the coffee shop interior design is made up of various materials, such as material, material on the surface of the chair and floor of the desktop ( Blanket) The material, etc. Under the condition of same illumination, all sorts of material surface reflectance is different, its brightness is different; And the brightness of the surface will affect the light of the integral space environment effect. If the surface reflectance is low, intensity of illumination should be higher, if the material surface reflection is higher, and vice. At the same time, it is important to note the smallpox, metope and desktop, floor between the intensity of illumination, must have the difference, or visual will feel drab. Desktop illumination, sometimes don't have to be constrained in the form of adjustable Angle to shoot the light, with a candle can completely meet the requirements, I recommend using candlelight, still can create a hazy, quiet atmosphere, make the environment more daydream space. Use light color changes, also can achieve the result that expect is less than. When working in a foreign country I passed a famous coffee shops, notice its interior design. The interior space is basically all is white, smallpox, table, chairs, the floor. The gradual change of designer USES light color ( Of course, change control in half an hour or so for a long time, transform one color) To foil the overall effect. Guest unknowingly, realize transformation space feeling, the overall environment is full of mysterious, romantic breath. Bar bar mainly at the bar, must pay attention to the line of sight of customers, and in general seats on the bar of the line of sight of customers at the bar. And customers bar will set up one or two people in each group, so can use light creates an atmosphere of illicit is close. Stay bar is also a customer for a long time, so have to spend more on the idea to make the customer sat on the bench, impressed eyes can see picture. Rear shelves and display the bar, in particular, the most suitable for use indirect make visual focus. In addition, attach more importance to the customer to go to the pub inner feelings, so it's best to arrange the dramatic led lighting, in order to improve the indoor effect. In technique, use the indirect or floor lamp, etc effect is good, but using a small light distribution range of halogen spotlights to render, more can strengthen contrast, creates an atmosphere of everyday.
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