Close the switch after the LED lighting lamps and lanterns is still dim how to solve

by:Mylight     2021-01-17
There is a problem, why has shut down the switch of the LED lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns will dim or flashing, the question that has baffled many consumers, we can see a lot of people in consulting the problem, so what is going on? How to solve? The switch control, the zero line is a common kind of reasons for this, electrical wiring switch control when the zero line, or electrical box into line zero after the fire. Switch control is zero line, wire and lamps and lanterns still connected, will emit light. Solution: adjust the connection, let the switch control wire. Second, double switch appeared error connection double switch there are several kinds of connection mode, if using the wrong connection, after will also turn off the lights dim. Solution: install the normal control wire connection wiring again. Third, the switch with indicator light, use the electronic switch is the switch with indicator light inside, after turn off the lights and there will be a mild electric current flows through. If the lamps and lanterns USES electronic switch, such as infrared, acoustic control, remote control switch. To turn off the lights after a light also happens. Solution 1: change the switch. Solution 2: in the lamps and lanterns into the line location 500 k resistor in parallel. But this method is of high technical requirements, non-professional personnel is not easy to operate. And the zero line charged, or patch leakage caused by shimmer is invalid. Four, unfenced driven, light strips and substrate leakage many lamps and lanterns for cost reasons are using inferior resistance capacity step-down drive, or poor quality of light source patch, patch and substrate leakage. Copper substrate and the substrate capacitance effect, can also cause. This is why a room, some light some lamps and lanterns is not the cause of the light. Solution: change the lamps and lanterns, isolation drive power supply. Five, the zero line actually charged the zero line charged is the fundamental reason of after turn off the lights glow. If the switch is the line of fire control, using the common wall switch, or light, is the zero line charged. Zero charged is a very common phenomenon. Such as neutral grounding is bad, the three-phase unbalanced load of transformer, the line is too long, fine wire diameter, or zero line current is too large, will cause zero charge. Solution: to zero ground or low pressure. Six, LED lamps and lanterns protector finally recommends a simple and effective solution, is to use the LED lamps and lanterns protector, can completely solve all sorts of reasons shimmer. The protector is connected to the lamps and lanterns, turn off the lights will be disconnected after lamps and lanterns and grid connection. Even zero charged, patch leakage, switch is wrong, there will be no current conduction to the lamps and lanterns.
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