City square lighting design scheme

by:Mylight     2021-01-07
City square is also add color for the whole city, design good plaza, but also can improve the level of the whole city, makes the city look modern and square is one of the most public urban space environment, the rich artistic charm, the most can reflect the modern urban civilization and atmosphere of open space, it is the city of the living room. Throughout the night scene images in the city square is a gleaming point. According to the function of the square can be divided into: the city center square, leisure square, transportation, etc. Square in addition to its own function and its unique cultural atmosphere. At night, the square is to rely on light to shape their own image, natural attractions to highlight the soft and quiet atmosphere, the atmosphere of the place of the nature of movement and bright, the nature of the amusement place for joy, happy atmosphere. From the color temperature, low color temperature of light source, give a person with warm feeling, at sunset, close to the emotional appeal, can form a kind relaxed atmosphere in the square space, suitable for leisure and entertainment. 1) Under normal circumstances, the square design should consider the points: ( 1) Bright enough; ( 2) The square of the uniform brightness enough; ( 3) Less glare; ( 4) Coordinated with environment, aesthetically pleasing; ( 5) Lighting design should consider the surrounding environment, in line with the overall effect of the project, and shall not affect the use function of the square. 2) Way way can according to the square of the square of the size, shape, the situation is different, use conventional, high, or a combination of use. ( 1) Conventionally the lamps and lanterns of general installation at the top of the height of 15 m below the light pole, light pole along the plaza surrounding or sidewalk layout. The method can be set up in need of place light pole, and can be set according to the sidewalk linear change. ( 2) High way is in a relatively high pole, installation is composed of multiple high power and high photosynthetic efficiency light source of lamps and lanterns. Usually the height of the mast for 15 to 30 m ( Spacing is 90 ~ 100 m) Can be up to 40 ~ 70 m, the highest. Reconstruction of city square, must choose protection grade reaches IP65 LED lamps and lanterns to reach these requirements, the use of other lamps and lanterns is not only not protection grade, and waste of electricity, also can not meet the expected demand.
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