Choose what problem should note led street lamp

by:Mylight     2020-11-27
With the development of urbanization in our country, the road is more and more attention, this has LED to the development of LED lights, in such aspects as structure design, creativity, modelling design need to pay attention to some problems, so what problem should note when choosing LED lights? Now as to find out together! The led street light of problems existing in the structure and appearance design: a, material surface treatment is difficult to handle bad environment for a long time erosion: the so-called naked led street lamp is usually the radiator directly exposed outside in the street. Some owners think that bare lamp such design more conducive to heat dissipation, but the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns to longevity is the premise of must be installed in a relatively clean and is not affected by external conditions of environment, and in the practical application of the led street lamp is installed directly in the outdoor, could encounter acid rain, sandstorm, snow storms and other bad environment, the service life of lamps and lanterns will greatly discount, often have to change the lamps and lanterns. In addition, naked type of street light because of the structure of the radiator itself cause it is very easy to accumulate dust and snow. Cover the dirt on the radiator will make three color performance of aluminum alloy, and the snow on the surface looks more conducive to heat dissipation, actually in the cold environment in the heat of lamps and lanterns is enough, a lot of snow will cause enormous pressure to the light pole, reduce the damage to the material of lamps and lanterns. Rectangular designs do not conform to the requirements of the windproof: rectangular here refers to the led street lamp is in the shape of nearly square every surface in large areas of flat. Such better plane stress, when the wind blowing came from a perpendicular to the plane, the plane will not wind, thus to cause light pole and lamps and lanterns of fixed structure stress. Research and development of the performance characteristics of the led street lamp: 1, the 1 - 3 w high power LED chips, take down power use, security LED the life of the whole lamp in 50000 hours and light maintenance rate. 2, secondary light distribution lens imported PMMA lens + PC material, UV resistance, it is not easy and broken, lamp holder for a long time didn't work, at the same time the light rate of 92%, making the whole led lighting effect of 90 - More than 120 lm/w. 3, human function of light distribution, uneven road. 4, the whole module structure is used to light, so that and air convection. Power casing hole so that the air circulation, to ensure the service life of power supply. That's LED manufacturers to choose the LED street lamp what problem should pay attention to detail, hope to help you, if you still don't understand, can dial the hotline detailed consultation!
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