Airport terminal high-speed with what is best tube light

by:Mylight     2020-12-09
As countries vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection plan, LED green got considerable popularity at home, in public places, everywhere are the LED, is common in business station, airport, etc. Used for the surface mounted LED canister light inside the airport terminal, the emphasis on performance advantage with tube lamp for hotel clothing store different performance advantages. Each environment shall be selected to conform to the requirements of the LED tube light, so that the overall effect is more perfect, today, now you should talk to all of you to the airport to choose what kind of with the tube light. Surface mounted LED tube light is each big airport terminal head 'mainstay' lamps and lanterns, whether the central hall at the airport, terminal, main nest area, barrier, the baggage claim area or VIP service and so on various major important functional area, you need to use with the tube light to shoulder the responsibility of 'primary'. So each big airport projects with the tube lamp series are widely used in different areas within the terminal. A domestic airport hall ceiling height of 21 meters, the production of high power LED with the tube light, with 60 degrees with light, glass lens after the completion of the installation testing the overall average illuminance on the 300 lx, accord with national standard, and the owner acceptance by party a to obtain consistent high praise and recognition. In addition, the airport terminal surface mounted LED tube light in the process of selection, in addition to power the threshold, usually also require to choose large canister light with light Angle. The canister light intuitive performance for the smooth area is larger, the beam Angle degree wide ( Such as 60 °, 90 °, 120 °, etc. ) , this kind of canister light after installation, due to its smooth big, in the light of the ground domain basic won't form shadow area, can ensure that reach the ground illumination more energetic. Independent research and development production of the LED with the canister light material: aluminum alloy aluminum + + optical toughened glass. Power: 60 w, 80 w, 100 w, 120 w, color temperature: 3000 k - 6500 k; Lighting lamps and lanterns acuity 100 lm/W. Control mode and function: ON/OFF ( Optional) that move light 。 Installation method: rings/rod.
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