A filament lamp is due to the reason why the market become so depressed?

by:Mylight     2020-12-09
Haven't write post for a long time, has been busy give each dengpaoan power supply. I bubble of filament power supply so far has been shipped to most countries, what I said is the power and is not a light bulb, abroad all the people in China buy filament and power back to assembly, this is one of the factors that influence Chinese bulbs business is becoming worse. Ha ha, just open the LED web BBS, saw some posts, writing is quite serious, but don't know too much, is primarily concerned with filament light source, light failure and so on. But made no mention of the power supply. Actually filament lamp, good and bad totally see the lamp configuration, matched with good filament power supply, you again good filament also die fast, with the advantages of good power supply with poor filament and is, at least you less filament and poor power supply that is dead fast fast fast. Completely read configuration, configuration is expensive, poor certainly cheaper and a price points a points goods, this is not wrong. There are a lot of people don't know the configuration is now. Should how to match better. This question can leave a message or add me clenched 1079399963 ( WeChat) For everyone to discuss any problems. Has anybody seen my posts will look not to understand, why not say the juche idea, why not tell so depressed the market now? In fact the things I said not to say there is nothing greater significance, everyone can speak, I personally think the first one is market problems, the second professional filament lamp friend not professional, don't understand the configuration. The third is time now to shuffle, giant grew, small factory to do more and more small, small factory want to roll over is necessary to take some energy. My suggestion: a small factory if there are 500000 yuan, please take out 300000 to sales staff, please go to the customer. Each person a month ten thousand bubble, such ability. This is where much!
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