Why traditional classroom lighting lamp is no longer suitable for the classroom

by:Mylight     2021-01-23
Classroom environment quality directly affects the student's eyesight, now the country attaches great importance to the classroom, our classroom is commonly used now LED the classroom that shield an eye light, because traditional classroom light source exists many problems, is now over to look at the two together! Traditional classroom light source faults and harm: 1, use naked light, the light point-blank eyes, glare, easy to distract students' attention; 2, severe stroboscopic light, stroboscopic a stimulating effect on the human visual system, eye fatigue; 3, color rendering index is low, white, light blue harm is big, easy to cause visual fatigue; 4, low intensity of illumination, and the intensity of illumination uniformity is poor, can not meet the national standards; 5, the traditional light slow start, power consumption is high, life is short, light failure is serious, frequent maintenance; 6, mercury, lead and other harmful substances, environmental pollution. LED eye classroom light advantages: 1, to provide high quality light environment (1) the light source is not directly into your eyes, no glare, no dazzling, improve the attention of teachers and students; (2) the light source, no stroboscopic, eye fatigue, protect students' eyesight; (3) the light source color refers to 90 or higher, color reproduction ability, close to natural light, protect students' eyesight; (4) no harm of blue; 2, desktop illumination over 300 lx, intensity of illumination evenness 0 or desktop. 7. 3, in line with the national standard, the average illuminance on the intensity of illumination with eyes, guarantee students, protect eyesight and health; 4, light source instant on long life, lamps and lanterns USES the average life expectancy of 50000 hours, no maintenance costs; 5, low light failure, 3000 hours, light failure within 2%; 6, low energy, the use of LED lamps and lanterns of integration, under the same intensity of illumination, than ordinary fluorescent lamps save electricity above 50%; 7, do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances, energy conservation and environmental protection. The above is the 'why the classroom lights are no longer suitable for the traditional' in detail, hope to help you!
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