Why should attach great importance to the installation of the classroom that shield an eye lamp design

by:Mylight     2021-01-21
Choose good eye classroom lamp is important, but the installation of the classroom that shield an eye lamp design is also very important, for example, if a classroom dome light to reach 9 lamps, installed too high, the tubes horizontally arranged, tables and chairs and height not harmonious, etc. , these small details will directly influence the classroom, and harm to the students' vision health. So the classroom lighting installation requires special design. It is understood that in recent years, the national health administrative department of health and health supervision institutions in accordance with the relevant national requirements, according to the specification requirements, in the classroom lighting, lighting and the minimum distance of 1 desktop. 7 meters, but according to the actual survey of 2016 and 2018, the target rate is about 80%. Some of the classroom are not up to standard. To the specification of the blackboard and intensity of illumination, desk surface illumination and so on, the situation is not optimistic. Specification requirements such as 'the board should establish local lamp ( The classroom blackboard lamp) The blackboard evenness is not less than 500 lux; On the surface of the desk evenness values should not be less than 300 lux. And from 2016 to 2017, monitoring conditions, two target qualification rate at about 60%. According to the survey, a first grade sampling rate of myopia is in commonly 10%, but in the sixth grade went near 60%; In senior high myopia rate is close to 90%. Visible classroom lighting does affect students' eyesight health, children in school, especially in three or four grade at this stage, especially should pay attention to, so the students is the key of the myopia prevention and control. And the classroom is not normal vision is inevitable effect on the students. The factors influencing classroom environment is varied, and is more easy to ignore the details of the teachers and parents often: 1. The blackboard is a visual focus in the teaching link, is the need to install the classroom blackboard the lamp that shield an eye, but many schools, especially the old campus in the survey are not up to standard. 2. Should avoid direct light in the classroom, the classroom now the lamp that shield an eye have commonly grille, can effectively prevent light hitting the eyes directly, protect sight health. 3. The number of lamp, lamp the height of the suspension to suit. Lamps and lanterns is apart from the desk surface minimum ride height should not be less than 1. 7 meters. Lamps and lanterns is too high, but many school will lead to the desk surface illumination is not up to standard. '4. Lamps and lanterns with long shaft should be straight on the blackboard surface decorate, is refers to the lamps and lanterns to erect the blackboard surface installation, not parallel to the board surface. 5. The desk surface visibility distance people must be appropriate. 'Relevant provisions of the state, the height of the desk to the height adjustment, taller student, tables and chairs should also rise accordingly, or is unable to be suitable for visibility. There are other methods to prevent myopia, often take part in outdoor activities, for example, often do eye exercises, also can prevent myopia occurrence and slow development. Through the above analysis, we should have to know some misunderstanding of the classroom and the lamp that shield an eye professional classroom and the classroom blackboard lamps and led lighting design, can effectively prevent the happening of the myopia, protect the eyesight health of teachers and students. Focus on the school the design, development and production of lamps and lanterns, welcome the social people from all walks of life to discuss cooperation. The above is the 'why do you want to pay attention to the classroom lamp that shield an eye installation design' in detail, hope to help you!
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