Why can produce light failure phenomenon LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns

by:Mylight     2021-02-01
Light failure problem in the workshop of energy-saving LED lamp is especially obvious, generally we understand is burned out, actually otherwise, this is LED a failing & ndash; — Droop, workshop of energy-saving reform of the real reason for using LED light source the light failure problem: 1, the lamps and lanterns of different droop workshop with the quality of the LED lamps and lanterns can say the strength of the light has a close relationship with failure, as long as the lamps and lanterns is droop, is just a different degree of difference. Mainly displays in the material difference, usually more easily than plastic aluminum radiator. 2, using the environment is one of the main factors affecting droop droop problem is not only material, using the environment temperature is also a big factor in late, workshop environment temperature under the working conditions of normal temperature is relatively ideal, if more than more than a certain temperature light pipe heat at the same time, the temperature of the bulb is not controllable. High temperature scattered not to go out will be LED lamp, color declines in advance. So workshop leds non-ferrous failure is inevitable, but we can choose the right product and use it correctly, to reduce the speed of the color come to the end of time. LED light failure reason (1) the chip itself droop small impact current chip itself (2) phosphor droop of phosphor (3) and encapsulation adhesive glue at the end of the main lamp bead carbonization temperature carbonization of heat dissipation problem (4) stent silver oxide or sulfide layer (5), the problems of heat dissipation structure of whole lamp bead 6 outside halide sulfides affect all landowners power overload or instantaneous impact damage to the LED chip light failure problem is inevitable, in fact, if choose a high quality LED lamps and lanterns, you can slow down the LED light failure problem, so how to choose a high quality LED lamps and lanterns? First must be guaranteed or big brands, after all, for a long time, the second 3 without the product can choose not to buy the essential not because the manufacturer wants to be a fake but the dealer a false third see professional must be professional to do lamp was born or professional do LED lamps and lanterns of enterprises, enterprise is critical time and professionalism do not buy food logistics or other industry turned to do will not to go.
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