When choosing LED waterproof lamp should pay attention to what problem

by:Mylight     2020-12-05
With the more mature of LED technology, LED by its absolute advantage is gradually replace the original traditional lamps and lanterns, such as traditional high pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc. Waterproof technology applied to the LED lamps and lanterns has a wider range of applications, such as the LED street light, LED landscape lamp, LED project-light lamp, outdoor lamps and lanterns, and such as refrigerators, freezers, water, such as the bathroom damp environment. LED waterproof lamp, refers to the IP value reaches ip65 and above tubes, length is 1. 2 meters, 0. 9 meters, 0. 6m,0. 4 m, etc. , its rated power generally smaller, from 6 - 18 w range, the purpose is to meet the needs of different places for such waterproof lamp specifications. So when we buy LED waterproof lamp, how to choose a cost-effective in many merchants LED waterproof lamp? 1, when the choose and buy our products, mainly to see three aspects: ( 1) See behind the product suppliers, and sometimes of the dealer brand is a guarantee of product quality, but also is not absolute. ( 2) Look at the product itself, sometimes small suppliers although there is no big brand reputation, but their products has uniqueness, that is to say, they may be the main one or two product, the product will show a specialization, the quality is very good, and the price is relatively famous businessman more cost-effective. ( 3) For the small providers, we not only want to make sure its good and inexpensive, and to ensure the availability and its subsequent is the supplier in the market availability, credibility and service levels. See its financial strength, ensure the continuous supply of product vendors can; See its past project cases and cooperation projects, to ensure that the service and supply level. To select a few suppliers, we are the professional filter production of waterproof lamp: 1, for waterproof lamp, look at the process of production and examination, and so can the tube quality and professional level have a certain understanding. 2, see the details of the waterproof lamp interface, the details of the waterproof lamp interface is the most can reflect the quality of the product and the durability of subsequent use, such as the stability of the joints waterproof aprons, and the details of the sealant. 3, see light layer using the materials in vitro, this material is good or bad decision quality and the shell of lamps and lanterns of aging, poor quality of the shell material, lamps and lanterns is in the process of high and low temperature change back and forth, easy ageing. 4, the other is one of the most important indicators, internal heat and heat dissipation design, material selection of because the cooling performance is good or bad directly decides the service life of lamps and lanterns.
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