What is full spectrum tube light

by:Mylight     2021-01-20
Full spectrum tube light is used to plant a light irradiation, the spectra of the light imitate the sunlight above can be used to plant to illuminate, promote the growth of plants. Many people don't know what is the exact meaning of full spectrum tube lamp, the main purpose of the invention is stem what of? Below is for you to introduce what is full spectrum tube light. A, full spectrum canister light what's the meaning of full spectrum canister light means to imitate the created the solar spectrum of light, the principle of the lamp is similar to sunlight, plants can be used to illuminate, promote the growth of plants. If they are placed in indoor plants, can put the led plant light, like this plant can even don't have to move to outdoor exposure to sunlight. Second, how to select full spectrum tube lamp 1, the best full spectrum canister light, can be more efficient to imitate to the point of the sun. 2, choose the time of full spectrum tube light should pay attention to distinguish between, because the light is there are many kinds of, like a UVB light, people who feed the tortoises can choose this kind of light, but this is not the effect of the sun, had better choose sun lamp is full spectrum tube light. 3, when choosing a full spectrum of canister light also should pay attention to the use of daylight time. Third, full spectrum canister light did harm to human body full spectrum tube light, like the sun light, no harm to human body, if sometimes will full spectrum canister light long time open, light intensity is too strong, can affect People's Daily lives. No matter what kind of light, it is so, and open for a long time can cause the waste of resources. That is to introduce the full spectrum of the canister light, spectral lamp is a kind of plant light lamp, if it is on the indoor plants, is not convenient to turn move to outside in the sun. This time you can select the plant light lamp, plant growth will not be affected.
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