Using the advantage of LED street lamp lighting road

by:Mylight     2020-12-03
Currently, more and more lamps and lanterns are moving in the replacement of LED lamps and lanterns, LED street lamp is not exceptional also, as we all know the lamp power consumption is great, so the LED street lamp of transformation is very important, can greatly save energy, so the LED street light also has those advantages? 1, the characteristics of itself - — The unidirectional light, no light diffusing, guarantee the light efficiency. 2, LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, LED street lamp light to the required area, further improve the efficiency of the light, in order to achieve energy saving purpose. 3, LED street light light color rendering many higher than the high-pressure sodium lamp and high pressure sodium lamp only around 23, color rendering index and the LED street light color rendering index above 80, think in terms of visual psychology, to achieve the same brightness, LED street light can, on average, more than 20% lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp. 4, LED street light automatic control and energy saving device, under the condition of meet the requirements of different times can be achieved the biggest possible to reduce the power, saves the electricity. Can realize the computer dimming, period and control, light control, temperature control, humanized functions such as automatic inspection. 5, long service life: more than 50000 hours, provide quality assurance for five years. 6, installation is simple: don't need to add buried cable without rectifier, etc. , will be installed directly on the light pole connected to or nested original lamp shell. 7, reliable quality, power supply circuit are all made of high quality components, each LED have over-current protection alone, without having to worry about damage. 8, light color uniform: without lens, not sacrifice uniform light color, in order to improve the brightness to ensure no aperture light color evenly. 9 and leds do not contain harmful metallic mercury, when discarded won't cause harm to the environment. Integrated the principles of energy saving effect is remarkable, instead of high pressure sodium lamp power saving rate of more than 60%. Low maintenance cost: compared with the traditional street light, LED street lights maintenance cost is extremely low, through the comparison, can recover all input costs less than 6 years. And can use contract energy model, investment is small, also can obtain great benefits!
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